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  1. i've an abnormal questions that looks like it should have been solved with the convert node. I need to transform a line right into a unmarried curve (would not matter if it's bezier or nurbs, simply needs to be one object). The context: i have a gaggle of "tentacles" (wires in a rbd sim). I need the wires to power geometry. Any wiredeform or factor deform options provide much less than ideal effects. So I tried to rig my issue with bones and make the bones comply with the curves (simulated). as a minimum something like that works in Maya. So I concept I just get each cord representing each tentacle and run the Bones from Curve command on them. got that by using blasting groups and getting man or woman traces.http://tradevenue.se/ that is in which the issue starts offevolved. The command (Bones from Curve) makes use of simplest factor 0 and 1 out of the whole line. If I run the convert sop and set from to Polygon, and to as "Curve" of any type, i get a series of curves from every pair of consecutive points. In other phrases i am getting many curves in preference to one curve that corresponds to the road. Am I lacking some thing simple? .