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  1. need help with design process (slime modeling)

    Thanks for the help. For some reason the file is not working for me, so I cannot understand what was the procedure. I am using Houdini 17.5 is it due to the use of different versions?
  2. need help with design process (slime modeling)

    Thank you for your help the thing I am looking for is something like "cheese pull". These methods you showed me are helpfull but i was not able to get to the desired result. I thought may be some fluid simulation could get to the result. best-ever-grilled-cheese.jpg.webp
  3. need help with design process (slime modeling)

    Thank you for the post you shared. I really want to get this effect but this is very simple. What i am looking for is like the video about the tool in the page. Do you have any advice for getting this effect.
  4. need help with design process (slime modeling)

    Thanks for the answer but this is not the type of the effect i am looking for. I want to feel the tension. Like the muscle texture in the picture.
  5. Greetings, I want to model this attached picture in Houdini. I think the closest way to get this effect is to get into modeling a slime. I attach the link to a video on youtube which I think is close to what I want. Slime FX: Houdini Grains I do not know how to achieve this and what is the process. Any help would be appreciated. thanks,
  6. wire solver with attractor

    Thanks for the quick answer. worked great.
  7. wire solver with attractor

    Greetings, I have a wire solver setup and I want to attract wires toward a custom point. I cannot find the way how to add a force toward a certain point. should i make an attribute or use a node? any help would be appreciated. thanks,
  8. addpoint(VEX) help adding permanent point

    Thank you that helped a lot!
  9. addpoint(VEX) help adding permanent point

    Thank you for the response, that helped to solve the problem. If you don't mind i have another question. is there a way to stop the solver at specific frame and start another one to simulate on the result of last simulation?
  10. Greetings, I am trying to use addpoint() every 24 frame and i wanted it to stay in the geometry. The problem is that the newly added point is only available in that specific frame. I want to add a point every 24 frame. and make it permanent. is there a way to add permanent point ever 24 frame? any help would be appreciated. Thanks, P.S: the code is like this: if (@Frame%24==0) { int index = addpoint(0,@P); int setPtAttrib = setpointattrib(0, "move", index, 1, "set"); }
  11. modeling a cell (beginner)

    I can not share the file since it does not belong to me. but I'll share something similar soon. meanwhile, I used a sphere, then removed some polygons with blast node to get the base shape, after that using some noise with high amplitude and frequency then again removed some with blast node, converted it to and achieved the surface pattern. right now I am trying to inflate it.
  12. modeling a cell (beginner)

    thanks for the response. I managed to get the shape in another way. I want to stretch a mesh (like fabric). would you mind give me some advice about where to start?
  13. modeling a cell (beginner)

    Greetings, I want to create a procedural shape like the one i am attaching to this thread. I cant seem to find the right process to achieve this. Would anybody please help and explain how to get this shape and form? any help would be appreciated.