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  1. Volumesample with Noise

    hei nuki, sorry to bother you- did u figure it out? can you share your node setup? i can't understand what you mean by "the worley noise can just be subtracted from the sdf values" thank you. have a great day, lorenzo
  2. Volumesample with Noise

    Any update on what to link ti the "add" node?
  3. Procedural rocks carved in vdb

    this is pretty amazing, thank you a lot. i still have troubles creating the "holes and concave" effect with worley noise in a volume vop as Jlassi Saber showed in his talk at siggraph 2017. I will keep trying. i think i ll post my file tomorrow, maybe someone can help me understand what i am doing wrong. have a nice day you folks
  4. Procedural rocks carved in vdb

    meh. he is not sharing. sad.
  5. hei @reeson great try! did u succed in replicating that effect? im trying without success...
  6. hei @f1480187, nice solution, can u explain to me how it actually works? i mean, are you so kind to try to explain to me the whole foreach loop and what the switch is checking? i cant understand the role of the null obj thanks,
  7. Volume displacement

    hei @dunken , did u succed in replicate the parametric rock of Saber in that tutorial?