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  1. deepShadow

    hi SYmek. thank you for your reply. I did not know that Light Template object has both light and shadow parameters already on place. that's why I could not find the setting in the viewer. but where are all those hidden setting? is that inside of the point_light node(pointlight.bgeo) in the light_Template node? if it is so, where can I find the actual pointlight.bgeo file ? Thanks. hiro
  2. Copy Test

    I found this post... that's how it works....
  3. Copy Test

    hi, all. I am trying to do some copy sop test. Basically ,I want to make the particle motion to look different. so I used stamp with seed in pop network. it looks different at frist frame but after that, particle pop up and looks same.Could anyone give me a solution to avoid this please? copytest.hipnc
  4. Sumotori!

    if you keep throwing a cube out of the target when you are in start menu,you can play hidden part
  5. Heavy Smoke Shader

    I got it!! a simple exponential fading with distance(step size)..... Thanks.
  6. Heavy Smoke Shader

    Hi, Jason. Thanks for the quick reply. It is much clear now. I was taking a shower and thinking about the 3d Space, then got an idea like you explained to me . I also did not understand red part(new attached image) whcih uses the dPdz(Floating point step size for volume rendering.) why the noise density is multiplied by -1 and dPdz, and then it uses logarithmic exponentiation function and finally, it is subtracted by -1? I am totally lost this part. Thanks in advance.
  7. Heavy Smoke Shader

    hi, all. I am trying to underdtand what's going on the shader network of heavy smoke in FXtools from SESI.I understand the red parts which generates the random points based on the id. what I am not sure is the blue part. what I guessed is that the local shading point of metaball is inverse transformed to the origin to stick the noise pattern to the metaball. but can anyone explain to me what is going on the blue parts to get better understand,please? I also can't get why those red and blue parts are added together before feeding into the pos of turbnoise1. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.