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  1. Hi everybody, I'm trying to rig a book. I have a problem with blending between IK and FK as the angle between IK and FK position is more than 180 degrees. I tried to cheat this problem adding interim position between these two positions and while it almost solved my problem, it behaves very strange at some point. On the gif below you can see it jumps at the end and overshoots. Sometimes at jumps at right position for one frame. The idea is when the book is closed, bones follow the rotation of root, but when it is open, the book cover looks at the goal on left regardless of the rotation of the root. Any suggestions on how to solve the problem? Thanks in advance. Here is the hipfile: testBookCover.hipnc
  2. Hi everybody. I need some small explanation. Have you seen this tutorial on sidefx page? https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/vellum-cloth-tips-tricks/ At the very end, right before the final simulation, there is pin constraint based on the painted attribute "target_stiffness". The solver refers to the Target1 object which does not exist in the scene. According to the tutorial, this "target_stiffness" attribute is used to specify which part should move freely and which part should keep its shape. So my question is how does this pin constraint works if there is no target? And how should I set this target? Thanks in advance
  3. Hey guys! I'm trying to learn character object level (not KineFX) rigging in Houdini. Unfortunately, I find this topic a bit difficult for me, but I still want to learn it. U may ask why? Because I like it, I find it fun:) I already watched a lot of tutorials like Michael Goldfarb rigging series, which I think are good, but I still struggle to go beyond that series. So I would like to ask, if you have any spare object level character production ready rig, better with face rig, that u could provide me for education purpose, so I could decompose it and learn. Please excuse me if u find my request a bit inappropriate, I understand that not many people would share openly their rigs. The problem is there is no many character rigs of good quality for Houdini. Thanks in advance, and dont hit me hard!:)
  4. Steam Piston Rigging

    Hey, Librarian. Thanks for the help. I almost forgot about Pythagorean theorem.. Frankly speaking, I didn't want to make it in SOP. But, I have managed to do i n OBJ and CHOPs using same principles. Here is my version of it in OBJ. piston.hipnc
  5. Steam Piston Rigging

    Hi everybody! Does anyone know how to make a moving piston, line on train wheel? I'm stuck on making red part to move back and forth while wheel is turning around. piston.hipnc If somebody can help me, I would much appreciate!
  6. Procedural Creature

    Hey, looks nice and easy:)) Do you think KineFX is good replacement of classic rigging? I m still learning character rigging to use it in classic animation...
  7. Hi everybody! Does anyone know how to rig universal joint? I do not mean how to simulate it in dops through cone twist constraint. I need it rigged on object level, for further animation. Any ideas where to start?
  8. Nevermind.. Just figured out by myself.. I had another folder from previous version of houdini in my documents folder.. after deleting it, everything works perfectly...
  9. Hi! I have the same issue, but my user account consists only of latin characters. Any suggestions?
  10. Vellum Balloon questions

    Yes, I want to make initially deflated balloons that will be inflated and as a result collide with each other, that's why i decided to make a vellum sim. I added pin to target constraint be low stiffness, but balloons still try to fly away. Funny thing, it looks like it is no a whole balloon moves somewhere but a certain area of the balloon that is pushed from the inside and pulls the rest of the balloon...
  11. Vellum Balloon questions

    Hi everybody! I'm trying to make balloon letters as on the picture. Unfortunately I have a couple of problems. First, it seems pressure constraint distorts balloons in a weird way and forces them to fly away. Second, I can't get such wrinkles, while the balloons look fully filled with air. Here is the file: BalloonTest.hipnc Thanks in advance!
  12. Vellum Cloth Collision

    Tweaking the resolution didn't help, but turning off Volume Based Collision Detection finally solved the issue. Thanks a lot guys! Just a general question, why Vellum doesn't like volume based collision?
  13. Vellum Cloth Collision

    If you use vellum SOP solver, it has static deforming object in it, which works. Instead I used RBD objects set inactive. The idea is to transfer the transform in DOPs, so no need to load it every frame.. In case where I have many colliders, I used RBD fractured object to transfer the transform to each colliding object separately... VellumRBDtest.hipnc
  14. Vellum Cloth Collision

    It is already unpacked... Please check the file i provided as u asked;)
  15. Vellum Cloth Collision

    Hey, Noobini, no need to be rude. Here is the file. Freezed the draped cloth so no need to drape them again. Your case doesn't have RBD fractured object as a collision. I did it on purpose, so, as i said, by using the fractured object i can transfer the transformation, so no need to use deforming object. test_lag_ClothRack_v1.hipnc