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  1. Rebelway a une masterclass en français pour houdini. https://rebelway.net/introduction-to-fx-in-houdini-french/?fbclid=IwAR39LakJToqT4HVy_0H64TzZpR8-upixxvn-J3w6UbaKNlmANvRuEMqWY_Y
  2. yoann


    you can find the renderman shader of Finished Wood here http://www.cs.cornell.edu/~srm/publications/SG05-wood-data.tgz
  3. Hi ! You can check the full gpu gem3 on nvidia website gpugems3 The chapter 14 is about sss with texture space diffusion (multiple blurred pass), and thanks to mr Sangyoon (James) Lee Emailhe share a full implementation in cg language ! Realistic Skin Rendering you have the source in the rar archive AdvancedSkin.zip
  4. eh just a little question (maybe slightly off topics), hw jensen published a nice paper in 2007 about a spectral shading model i just want to know if thisshading model couldbe "easily" implemented in mantra. http://graphics.ucsd.edu/~henrik/papers/sk...skin_bssrdf.pdf
  5. yoann


    can't help you sorry check your pm and try to share your work with us, if you can
  6. I'm really looking for good hair stylling tool and a good way to make NPR rendering. Maybe something like the really cool freestyle npr renderer. http://freestyle.sourceforge.net/index.php souce http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/freesty...ar.bz2?download
  7. great work miguel! you can get a lot of usefull information in the Siggraph Surf
  8. yoann


    i don't know if we can put this stuff (siggraph paper) on the wiki, i ask to jason and i'm wait for a answer.
  9. yoann


    ok let me now if you cannot complete your download.
  10. yoann


    jason and phrenzy check your pm please
  11. yoann


    hi Rudra check your private message!
  12. yoann


    that's a good news! We've got a lot of documentation related to fur, hair. Give me a e_mail and i send you all this stuff.
  13. my First post a lot of useful information in this post! I tried the shader posted by serg and the result is really good! The only problem is that the shader tend to "washed out" (or blurred sorry for my bad english) all the fine details of highly detailed surfaces (like skin and other surfaces which need a lot of details) . Hope somebody can implement a multi-layered approach sss VEX shader! But thanks again for this really interesting thread and this nice shader !!
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