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  1. Dust pyro sim

    Thank you very much, it actually helped ! ^^
  2. Dust pyro sim

    Hello fellow Houdini artist, I have created a grain simulation and want to add dust smoke to it. I've been trying to iterate and work on it for a few weeks now and can't find any solution, because my pyro looks really crappy and I can't find a way how to do it. Right now because I used rbd for making grains, I take the same rbd to produce debris and from that I make pyro. But the first problem is that my pyro always is very low res and no matter how much I pump it (pushing to like 100mil voxels, still looks bad), but also not sure how to make my pyro source, so the dust would fit my grain simulation. What did I want to ask- what would be the best way to make a source for this simulation and how to get better quality from it? Thank you. P.S I am attaching a photo of my pyro sim when it has 100mil voxels and a video of grain sim grains.mp4
  3. appearing grains over time ?

    Hello everyone, I am making a grains simulation that has a very long object (red box) for particles. Is it possible to make grains appear during the sim time (while my ship is getting closer to the grains), instead of showing all particles at the same time? That way I could save some sim time and instead of 5mil points, simulate around 1mil that is needed at that moment. I'll attach a low res sim video of what I have for now, so that it would be easier to understand what I mean. LowRes_Sim.mp4
  4. Vellum optimization

    Thank you very much for this! Actually, I have no idea how I skipped that part at the beginning which was so vital. Now everything works fine with no more than 1k iterations. Thank you very much!
  5. Vellum optimization

    For one of my projects, I am using Vellum hair to simulate my tree branches, but simming gets really slow. To make my curves stiff enough I need to bump substeps to more than 3 and also constraint iterations to more than 50k and obviously, simming gets really slow. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong that I need to bump numbers so high or this is normal to wait so long for vellum simulations? Main settings I am changing are stretch and bend. Before - I made my tree real life scale, but even now, when I scaled it a bit down, I still need to bump my constraint iterations to more than 50K. P.S I have 64GB Ram and Ryzen 3900x, so I am not sure if my hardware is not good enough to sim it.
  6. Vellum optimization

    Oh no no, I am not simming whole geometry, I have curves and I have even separated them into a different hierarchy. But even siming my first level(in the photo)l, which is 57 primitives, I need to use 3 substeps and 30k constraint iteration (and still I am not getting required quality)
  7. Curved velocity in vex

    Hello people. I have created points and with my Vex code I am giving them velocity to "attack" an object, but right now my points are going in a straight line to an object. I wanted to ask if there is a way how I could make my points travel with curved velocity (like missiles in my reference photo are travelling)? I know there is POP Curve force, but I would like to find a way to do it in POP Wrangle. mplay.mp4
  8. Hello people. I can't find a way, how I could keep normals pointing at the same angle for my scattered points on a simmed geometry. Maybe you could help me with that? I'll add photos to make it a bit more clear what I mean by that. Thank you
  9. Attaching leaves to the branch

    Thank you very much for your advise Thank you very much for your advice it really helped ! And now I managed to make a branch which looks like my reference, but now the problem is how to make it more optimised. I am packing after instancing and using file cache node. But still, after instancing more branches on the tree I can't see anything but just boxes as visualizers. So is there a way how to optimise my scene a bit better so I could see something in my viewport, or I will just be able to see it when rendering ?
  10. Hello everyone, I am trying to make a Pine-type tree with the L-System and I am currently stuck with properly attaching leaves. The leaves on this Pine tree that I am currently working on are a bit tricky because they grow on the sides of the branch (see the reference image that I’ve taken). Now I am looking for a way how I could scatter points only to the sides of the branch and that normals would point to the side too and then I could just “copy to points” those leaves. Just like it is in the photo I've drawn on.
  11. Thanks for your reply, but yeah I've tried changing attraction weight(changing wetness) to it so it sticks more, but it seems that it doesn't matter how hard it pulls particles together when spoon moves it can't follow the speed of the spoon and when spoon slows down grains just flies away because of the momentum :/
  12. Hello, I've been working with POP grains lately and I have collision object which is animated with a fast pace. I am trying to make my Pop grains stay on that surface without flying away from it (can't change animation). Maybe there is a way how to make those grains stick to collision surface without them flying away from it as you can see in the video. I tried changing Max Acceleration to smaller and bunch of other settings, but it doesn't really help and also my sim doesn't work correctly how it was before. MY WIP : https://vimeo.com/400687774 (pw: flour)
  13. Hello, For my university’s VFX film, I am trying to achieve Flour Effect and currently I am a bit stuck. The problem I have is that I want to make flour to have clumps, like in my reference ( shorturl.at/ghCF1 ). What I am trying to do is create noise with different Cd and make red points to be clumped together, for that I am using Glue, also I am increasing mass attribute. I want clumped points to fall harder than normal ones (for that I am reducing attraction weight to 0), but it still sticks together with other points and I think it's because of friction of all points, but I can't find the way how to change static threshold for only red points in a POP wrangle. Also for my look dev I am making points into volume, but it gives more snow/salt look and increasing density doesn't help, maybe there are any tips and tricks how to achieve more floury look ?Thank you