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  1. Muscle Rig (frankenmuscle)

    Hey Francis, don't sweat about it. Thank you for the heads-up if some overhaul is coming i am really excited for it. I'll definitely check out if i can reach out to goldfarb. Really appreciate the input!
  2. Muscle Rig (frankenmuscle)

    Well, i have to say i somewhat had my fun with franken muscle. Tbh i feel a little burned out for now. I've tried many iterations of this setup with the tissue solver but nothing remotely working came out of it. I feel that the Houdini Muscle features could really use some love. So, i don't want back out on my word here's a small setup with some sculpted muscles. If you make any progress with this please let me know, i would really love to know how do a proper setup within houdini. Franken_Muscle.zip
  3. Muscle Rig (frankenmuscle)

    Hey there people, so I encountered a problem with my rig. The way i understand it is that i need to turn this rig into bones. Does somebody know how to turn the rig in the clip to bones with twist effectors? The thing is the muscles are only moved by the arm and not the chest. I've tried changing the null in type properties to take in more inputs so that the muscle pin is also effected by the movement of the chest, but no luck there because the type properties are locked. Never mind, i didn't think of the possibility of connecting the pins to the chest controller itself.
  4. Muscle Rig (frankenmuscle)

    Hey guys! I made some progress that i wanted to share with you. This is like a little sneak peak. There's still a whole lot of things that are bugging me and i yet have to try out the tissue solver. As I mentioned i will include a small example setup in the near future, if you are intrested
  5. Muscle Rig (frankenmuscle)

    Here's also the original geo setup out of Zbrush
  6. Hey People, so as the title says I am doing a rigged character with frankenmuscles. I modelled the character, muscles and skeleton in Zbrush and rigged it in Houdini for some quick tests. I have seen that many people are longing for a step by step guide on how to muscle rig a character. I want to use this opportunity to find out myself how this system like the tissue solver works and set out a small guide how to replicate this yourself but for now it's more or less trial and error (geo moving away from rest position and stuff). If you want to contribute and help get this thread get stuffed with pro tips on this topic, i urge you to please do so. Here are some screenshots of the progress so far, as i said the franken muscle is deviating from its original geo position but i'll hope to figure out fast why this happens. I'll make sure to include a basic small setup .hip file for better understanding. (at least for now with my character geo this would be to big)
  7. petrified (advice needed)

    Thank you konstantin! Looking at the fact that never really feeling satisfied can also be an motivation, to push even further. I guess it all boils down to that keeping a positive attitude goes a long way in creating something with a "golden thread"! E.g. brute forcing everything in Houdini till it feels and looks the way you want it!
  8. petrified (advice needed)

    LOL now i get it. Thanks again!! Really! <3
  9. petrified (advice needed)

    Thank you so much. I haven't even consindered focusing on something specific. In my head it sounded like "hell yeah! i'll do sick vfx and sculpting at the same time!" There's no golden thread to what my portfolio should lead and thereof lacking, maybe you're right its either sculpting or FX. thank you very much for your advice!
  10. petrified (advice needed)

    Hiya People! I am currently working on my portfolio, doing lots of sculpting in Zbrush and some stuff in Houdini. I still go to university and i have to do a mandatory internship, which i am super excited about but also really nervous! Now the tricky part of creating, is the one which gives me the most anxiety, the selfdoubt. - "Is my work good enough?" - I almost never really feel satisfied with my work, especially with the Houdini stuff i do. So i wanted to ask you, the Houdini Masters and those on the long and rocky road of becoming one themselves, how do you handle selfdoubt? How long should a reel be? What would an potential employer look for in someone? Anyways, all the chit and chatter and no fun, so here's a work i currently did which i somewhat liked. If you have any constructive criticism please, let me hear it. I really want to improve!
  11. Monster Sim a la Erik Ferguson

    For those intrested i asked Mr Ferguson himself and he replied. Super cool guy, really friendly and uplifting dude. He send me a yt link which i took as a basis for some of my weird creatures (willl upload some soon).
  12. Yes Sir! cherryblossoms.hiplc here you guys have the file, hope that you can open it!
  13. Good day to you Houdini magicians out there! I have been following the Particles IV Tutorial by Steven Knipping (the one with the cherry blossom petals) and as i did with the previous tutorials i always found a workaround to get it to work with Redshift... except for this one and it makes me go nuts. On the surface level everything is working as intended, except for the materials. I've tried applying the shaders on the actual instancing items, even stuff like applying the material onto the instance itself.The materials are also set up to read the Cd attributes and i checked that the Cd attribute isn't replaced or erased somewhere. Can somebody help me? Did someone out there stumble upon the same problem and found a fix. If needed i can provide the .hip file. I know it's not a too big of a problem but it's bugging me really bad. I am thankful for every bit of help!
  14. Monster Sim a la Erik Ferguson

    Hey Guys, i am fairly new to Houdini and this Forum, so i am trying to teach it myself via different Tutorials. Once in a while i try to do things on my own but now i am simply stuck. I want to kinda replicate a Softbody behavior like this but still animate it trough keyframes, now my Monster is based on a Vellum-Sim but it doesnt seem to adapt to the movement. And i still havent figured out how to make it produce a slimetrail. Do you guys have some Tutorial or basic info on how you would start? If you need the hip-file let me know but besides a vellum-sim there isnt much going on. I would really appreciate your help <3 Best Regards, Denis J.