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  1. Was able to solve this in the alternate thread I'd created! Thanks again for your help Animatrix!! https://forums.odforce.net/topic/50800-how-to-unify-orientation-of-a-divide-sop/
  2. with the help of eikonoklastes in the Think Procedural discord group I've got a solution: Setup a for loop block with an attribute wrangle in the middle with the following vex operating on vertices: This VEX block will test the position of vertex id 0 is above 1 OR if vert 2 is above 3 on the Y axis and if it is then add that prim to a new group marked to be shifted later with a Reverse sop pre-divide vector pos_0 = vertex(0, 'P', 0); vector pos_1 = vertex(0, 'P', 1); vector pos_2 = vertex(0, 'P', 2); vector pos_3 = vertex(0, 'P', 3); if (pos_0.y > pos_1.y || pos_2.y > pos_3.y) { setprimgroup(0, 'to_shift', 0, 1); }
  3. I just did and that works to flip them! unfortunately my issue is that the orientation of the divide is not unified for the group to begin with. I think I need help unifying the direction for all of the prims on the object, and then im good to reverse the direction for just one of the prim groups.
  4. I'm importing meshes from Maya and triangulate them in a specific way. The orientation usually has quite a few polys that are not aligned with the majority. I am having a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to control that and prep the geo so that when I do apply a Divide SOP it's in the same direction for all polys. I've tried playing with sorts and nothing seems to affect the direction. As you can see below this is just a straight File in of an fbx from Maya and a Divide node...the split direction is not unified at all unfortunately.
  5. Thanks a ton! I really appreciate you sharing this! Is there any way to leverage this to understanding of what's connected to unify the direction that a divide operation would be applied in? My goal is to turn quads into alternating triangles like below: Your vex helps me isolate every other poly even if the primids are randomized, but not sure how to make sure the divide orientation is uniform... likely should be its own thread but figured i'd ask:
  6. Top level goal is that I want to take incoming objects that are quads and triangulate each polygon, but alternating direction of the triangulation from one poly face to the next. This is easy for clean meshes generated in houdini. My issues is I'm importing a wide variety of objects from other DCCs and often the primid and vert order is totally randomized. I have tried to get a perfectly clean selection of alternating faces by all kinds of sort methods, I tried and failed to proceedurally generate a uv and set the prim id's based on the uvs, and nothing seems to work. Imagine a flared cylinder for the simplest example but each vert and prim id totally randomized, how would you get a group defined of every other prim like a checkerboard? Thanks!
  7. In LOPs / Stage : I'm using a sceneimport ( cameras ) to import an alembic camera from the /obj level. I'm changing the path to that camera's alembic obj in the /obj ( i preimported them ) based on the Context Options Editor pulldowns to swap the shot#. My issue is that it updates the path to the correct camera, but I can't figure out how to force the viewport to update, it keeps looking through the old camera ( which is no longer in the stage ) so then I click on the camera pull-down in the viewport and since the old cam is gone and its just the new one... THEN it updates to look through the correct camera. Does anyone have any ideas how to force this update when changing Context Options panel variables
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