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  1. works like a charm man thanks!
  2. Got it man thanks a lot very clear explanation! After I looked at your scene I made something similar from scratch and it worked then I made another simple scene (simplified of my actual scene that i am trying to build) to test again but it's not working could you take a look at it? Problem is spheres are suddenly going active =1 (red) before even exceeding the given "P.y" threshold. Cheers! SOP_Solver_Problem.hipnc
  3. Andrea thanks a lot for your respond, it will take me some time to understand how that sop solver works as a beginner but that definetely looks like what i need again thanks!
  4. Hey guys, Let's say I have bunch of box objects that are animated and they are going up and down repeatedly randomly. I want to set my "active" attribute once a box goes beyond Y axis 5 value high, How do I set it ? so once a box exceeds the limit it will stay at active. My problem is since the object is going up and down, it becomes active and then when it goes below Y axis 5, the active value will turn into 0 again. I want it to stay active once it reached the threshold. It should be changing progressively. How do I do that? cheers!
  5. Controlling Voronoi though Cluster SOP ?

    Does this helps? Cluster.hipnc also
  6. I have a basic setup, trying to replace the cloth simmed objects to voronoi fractured ones. I am using transform pieces sop, position seems to work but rotation does not work any help guys? Problem_TransformPieces_Rotation.hipnc
  7. Constraints between individual objects pieces

    Hey Martin, thanks a lot man that was definetely what i meant and looking for, great file and demonstration too! cheers!
  8. Hi guys, what is the standard approach for creating constraints between 2 different objects fractured pieces. Say I have voronoi fractured box, and a voronoi fractured sphere. How can I use connect adjacent pieces to create constraints only in between box fragments and sphere fragments but not box - box & sphere - sphere fragments. Thanks
  9. Hey guys, is there any way to move/snap multiple points to a certain point or grid at the same time like when i select multiple points and move it only moves one of them and unselect the others any thoughts?
  10. I have an 'extra' (Second) network panel on my second monitor, and everytime I try to use tab menu to add any kind of node, houdini give me an error, but the interesting thing is when I use the default network panel and not the secondry one that I added it does not give an error. Anybody knows how to solve it? It would be handy to use a second network panel on my auxilary monitor.
  11. Dough Cutting

    I'm making that dough animation on houdini reel/tutorial, having problem with intersecting here ı'm attaching scene's flipbook, in the first one, cutter completely intersecting the dough and can't effect it enough, in second its working better but still intersecting a little and i don't want to use a brick to cut it need to use thin objects. i tried (not worked) ; + increasing all solvers substeps + subdividing cutter + increasing particle fluid object's volume offset (it worked but looking unrealistic/weird) so how can i solve this problem? cheers dough.mov
  12. Digital Asset Prob.

    Hmm i found 2 books on amazon uk want to order one of them which one will be better? i'm not a Houdini power user Houdini on the Spot: Power User Tips and Techniques The Magic of Houdini i know thread going off topic sorry for that
  13. Digital Asset Prob.

    Thanks Rob.
  14. Digital Asset Prob.

    Hi Rob, like i said if it's not work try reopen scene, here some tests i'v done http://www.yeatfx.com/dynawave.mov but seems its never gonna be an asset