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  1. Hey guys, is there any way to move/snap multiple points to a certain point or grid at the same time like when i select multiple points and move it only moves one of them and unselect the others any thoughts?
  2. I have an 'extra' (Second) network panel on my second monitor, and everytime I try to use tab menu to add any kind of node, houdini give me an error, but the interesting thing is when I use the default network panel and not the secondry one that I added it does not give an error. Anybody knows how to solve it? It would be handy to use a second network panel on my auxilary monitor.
  3. Dough Cutting

    I'm making that dough animation on houdini reel/tutorial, having problem with intersecting here ı'm attaching scene's flipbook, in the first one, cutter completely intersecting the dough and can't effect it enough, in second its working better but still intersecting a little and i don't want to use a brick to cut it need to use thin objects. i tried (not worked) ; + increasing all solvers substeps + subdividing cutter + increasing particle fluid object's volume offset (it worked but looking unrealistic/weird) so how can i solve this problem? cheers dough.mov
  4. Digital Asset Prob.

    Hmm i found 2 books on amazon uk want to order one of them which one will be better? i'm not a Houdini power user Houdini on the Spot: Power User Tips and Techniques The Magic of Houdini i know thread going off topic sorry for that
  5. Digital Asset Prob.

    Thanks Rob.
  6. Digital Asset Prob.

    Hi Rob, like i said if it's not work try reopen scene, here some tests i'v done http://www.yeatfx.com/dynawave.mov but seems its never gonna be an asset
  7. Cant start Houdini

    I think it can't be from vga i'm using the same xfx (with december 07 driver) without any trouble, but the first time i installed Houdini (with my ex pc) i had the same problem don't exactly remember what i did but i guess reinstalled it 1-2 times then it worked.
  8. Digital Asset Prob.

    Michael thanks yeah half of the system is working but still problems on dopnet, i need to make a menu to provide user select any rbd objects in scene to collide shockwave but i cant develop this half, there are specific parameters in the existing dopnet it must not change but should work with any rbd objects that user selected i really want to see this little system working it's my first
  9. Digital Asset Prob.

    Thanks for the replies, making all nodes one subnet works but i need some deeper help to handle it; firstly you can download the scene from here : www.yeatfx.com/dynawave.rar I'm trying to make an asset of this shockwave, parameters can be test with blue dynamic shockwave null I need an asset like; user can choose 1 surface object for shockwave to track and rbd objects to collide,i can't figure out how to handle thanks btw if scene sim not works try to reopen scene i dunno why it's happening. Yigit
  10. Hi , i'm trying to make my first asset i have 1 sop 1 dop network in scene which connected each other, is that possible to make it an asset? i tried to collapse sop node then make it digital asset, it gives me an connection error because of the individual dop network how can i handle this?
  11. Animated Object to DOP

    Thanks Alvin i will keep that in mind btw i really liked your robo-anim saw it a while ago.
  12. Animated Object to DOP

    Thanks Steven i saw physical param. node but state is what i'm exactly looking for, great!
  13. Animated Object to DOP

    A new question; Is that any way to arrange animated static objects mass? there is no parameters for mass in static objects, i guess its calculating from objects scale + point velocity but i need to give some specific values so is that possible?
  14. Animated Object to DOP

    Thats it thanks !!