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  1. Sorry I dont really follow up whats constant material builder? I already have a principled shader assigned to the torus but does not work
  2. This is how my scene view - actual render and opengl render looks it seem like open gl render has accurate lighting settings but just skipping the show textures on feature for some reason?!
  3. Could you share the file or screen grab? it does not work for me cant figure it out
  4. Here's the file Tesan, as you can see I see at least the blue color on torus on scene view but its all white (no textures) on open gl render. OpenGL_Problem.hip
  5. Hi guys, I am trying to render some previews with opengl render i set everything right but textures does not show up on rendered frame, I can see textures on scene view but not on render any clues? OpenGL_Problem.hip
  6. Sorry Dominik I was buried at work just been able to check the file thanks a lot for your time and help!
  7. A little update on the problem I have, maybe someone knows a solution Cluster_Individual_Problem_01.hip
  8. Tried everything but cant make it work so it would be great if someone can edit the file i upload. Basically i would like to be able to use material fracture + cluster sop but also able to cluster individual objects together and have intra cluster and cluster to cluster groups output.
  9. I see, yes Voronoi has that option but i am using material fracture sop in the scene and it does not so i kind of need a manuel solution for this
  10. Hey guys, I am trying to cluster some individual objects together but cant get it working could you check? Clustering works within individual objects but does not create connection between different objects ı want the pieces look just like the seperate colored areas. thanks! ClusterTogetherProblem.hip
  11. That i learned now thanks a lot!
  12. Got it working thanks! putting the file in case someone else also needs it. ForeachMetaImport_02.hip
  13. Thanks Antoine so on detail function does the first component "-1" means pointing myself (scatter sop) ?