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  1. Here's the solution if anyone encounters the same problem and finds the post https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/72027/?page=1#post-305003
  2. Hey guys, I'm trying to do multi pass rendering but diffuse filter pass seems not working, I use "Surface Unlit Diffuse Color" component but its rendering dark. What i noticed is if I use the build in texture parameter in the principled material diffuse filter shows up and working but when i wire texture nodes to principled shader it doesnt work any tips? I attached a scene which i have 2 individual spheres one with working shader the other one is the problematic one. thanks! DiffuseFilterPass_Problem.hip
  3. Hey guys, I have a pretty simple scene here where I emit some particles and using particles to create density + velocity in a pyro sim, two unexpected things happening; 1 - Even if I turn off the Volume source (the one brings velocity) there still some velocity exist in the pyro (showing up at guide) 2- Emitted smoke tend to go dissipiate a little bit and move downwards (i expect it to be just frozen in mid air) even tho dissipation is off and there is no low temperature or too thic heavy smoke exists. Anyone can shed some light? thanks! VelocityProb.hip
  4. Pyro sim velocity coming out of blue

    Oh!! there is no single parameter left unchecked and i forgot about gravity thanks Evan
  5. RBD rotation constraint

    Hi Eric, there can be more elegant solutions but here a 5 minute setup might work for your case. RotationOnlyCons_Yigit.hip rotateonly.mov
  6. Constraint don't follow object

    Here I made the basic setup, I believe this is what you are after. Red wall simulated as "Layer 1" then sent to "Layer 2" sim as animated static object and active sphere objects are attached to it. Something important; Always set the constraints between "active" -" animated static objects" breakable otherwise solver will be confused and may cause erratic behaviour as it will be stuck between unmoveable animated objects and unbreakable constraints. Hope this helps Constraints.mov Animated_To_Active_Constraints_Yigit.hip
  7. Constraint don't follow object

    If you are using "glue" type constraints between a cached animated rbd object and an active rbd objects thats the problem, you can't use "Glue" try using hard or soft constraints with some basic dialing hard can act like glue good luck!
  8. Pyro Adding Turbulence based on VEL field

    Just found about the same post thanks a lot Victor !
  9. Hi guys, I am trying to isolate a higher velocity area so i can add turbulence only on those portions but no luck, with temperature it works i can add turbulence only high temperature voxels. Does anyone know whats i'm missing? Pyro Control Field Vel Problem.hip
  10. point velocity for glue

    Here you go odforce_wreath.hipnc
  11. Hi guys, I am trying to render some previews with opengl render i set everything right but textures does not show up on rendered frame, I can see textures on scene view but not on render any clues? OpenGL_Problem.hip
  12. Sorry I dont really follow up whats constant material builder? I already have a principled shader assigned to the torus but does not work
  13. This is how my scene view - actual render and opengl render looks it seem like open gl render has accurate lighting settings but just skipping the show textures on feature for some reason?!
  14. Could you share the file or screen grab? it does not work for me cant figure it out
  15. Here's the file Tesan, as you can see I see at least the blue color on torus on scene view but its all white (no textures) on open gl render. OpenGL_Problem.hip
  16. Sorry Dominik I was buried at work just been able to check the file thanks a lot for your time and help!
  17. Hey guys, I am trying to cluster some individual objects together but cant get it working could you check? Clustering works within individual objects but does not create connection between different objects ı want the pieces look just like the seperate colored areas. thanks! ClusterTogetherProblem.hip
  18. A little update on the problem I have, maybe someone knows a solution Cluster_Individual_Problem_01.hip
  19. Tried everything but cant make it work so it would be great if someone can edit the file i upload. Basically i would like to be able to use material fracture + cluster sop but also able to cluster individual objects together and have intra cluster and cluster to cluster groups output.
  20. I see, yes Voronoi has that option but i am using material fracture sop in the scene and it does not so i kind of need a manuel solution for this
  21. That i learned now thanks a lot!
  22. Hey guys, I have some boxes and running a for each over them what i want is scattering points with varying amounts. I kind of know what to do but i dont know how to? I guess i need to fetch metadata value and use it as a seed for scattering amount, could use a help on how to set that up thanks! ForeachMetaImport.hip
  23. Got it working thanks! putting the file in case someone else also needs it. ForeachMetaImport_02.hip