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  1. hey everyone, I am raying points to a collision level, adding, clustering and making iso surfaces from that, point cloud iso is crashing houdini on certain frames with few points for me, any experience with things to look out for? seems like very far away points and few points cause issues?
  2. looping over an integer array with itoa()

    alright I'm using point() to get my iteration count now and it's working thank you tomas, have a safe time! I think what made this so complicated for me was that I forgot that you can type in 0-3 instead of 0 1 2 3 which makes this a lot easier to type the way you did instead of trying to do unnecessary things with arrays and vex
  3. looping over an integer array with itoa()

    okay so the user input could still be 0 3 4 with using a ch() it doesn't need to be a direct input of 3, I can just get the length of my string, make it an int "n" parameter and set as I wish and then get that value with ch("../mynode/"n"")?
  4. looping over an integer array with itoa()

    I honestly just didn't think of using groups... this looks like a much better way to do this
  5. looping over an integer array with itoa()

    I'm sorry I said that wrong, yes I originally have a string not a string array. if someone would enter 0 3 4, i would want to copy to 0 1 2 and 3 4 5. so take a string, len(), clean the spaces and use that length to create two lists of that length but one should be offset by the length. then I want to use that string as my target points
  6. i@iterations = len(chs("../NETWORK_CONTROLLER/c2p_querstrbn")); s@myArray = chs("../NETWORK_CONTROLLER/c2p_querstrbn"); i[]@myintArray = {}; s[]@mystrArray = {}; //remove spaces from string array, get len() of string array if (i@iterations >2) { i@iterations += 1; i@iterations /= 2; } //create arrays from preselection int i; for(i=0; i < i@iterations*2; i++) { i@stringtointeger = atoi(s@myArray[i]); append(i@myintArray, i@stringtointeger); } // remove spaces from int Array i[]@cleanArray = i@myintArray[0::2]; // convert back to string to read in with copy to points target points later for(i=0; i < i@iterations; i++) { s@integertostring = itoa(s@mystrArray[i]); append(i@mystrArray, s@integertostring); } hey all, vex noob here. I am trying to append values from an integer array to a string array. looping over array entries with atoi works fine to extract the strings and append them to an int array. but the other way around using itoa gives me this error: Warning: Errors or warnings encountered during VEX compile: /obj/geo1/pointwrangle4/attribvop1/snippet1: Call to undefined array index operator 'int string[][int]'. (33,53). Error: Error in VOP 'snippet1'. Warning: Errors or warnings encountered during VEX compile: /obj/geo1/pointwrangle4/attribvop1/snippet1: Call to undefined array index operator 'int string[][int]'. (33,53). Error: Vex error: /obj/geo1/pointwrangle4/attribvop1/snippet1: Call to undefined array index operator 'int string[][int]'. (33,53) i'll try to sum up the context quickly: I have a controller node where I can enter the points I want to copy objects to. now when I copy to point 0 1 2 3, another copy node should copy other objects to points 4 5 6 7. when I enter 0 1 2, the other copy should go to 3 4 5 etc.
  7. hey all, inside a sop solver on a switch node I'm trying to get the length of a string array and multiply it with another channel right now the solver is overcopying objects: I was able to get this to work comparing the values of two float channels but I can't get it to work with a string array since len() doesn't show up in that context? I tried reading the manual on vex contexts and cvex but it's a bit confusing. which context is the switch node parameter in? is it in sop context because the node was created in a sop solver or is it somewhere else entirely because I'm typing in a parameter textbox?
  8. Corona Fever

    Pandemic advice from Dr. Mantra Toboggan, Md
  9. also just got this funky thing using attr from volume node. not too sure what I'm doing exactly but looks a bit closer to desired result ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. hey, I'm no expert on this and I'm not entirely sure if this approach makes sense in your case so take this with a bowl of salt. but I think the vertex split destroys some needed information? if you unwrap after converting vdb to poly everything has uvs. this might be missing the point of everything you did before that though
  11. oh gosh of course, centroid... read about that so many times thank you guys
  12. hey all, I was trying to export some animated bounding boxes and I noticed that bound and bbox() give different P values, what causes this? I thought they'd be the same. I attached an example. It's not really a problem in my case but I'm confused. have a great week all and remember to wash your keyboards bboxexport_offset_question.hiplc
  13. export exploded view animation fbx [✔️]

    alright I'll keep it here then. was quite fun to learn some houdini and python stuff doing this, didn't do much with it before. which parts of the code do you think could be sped up most / easiest? I'd love some pointers to learn more python if you can think of anything that you think would be realistic for a relative beginner to implement. have a good week
  14. export exploded view animation fbx [✔️]

    works perfectly, thanks so much! Do you mind if I share this on hdbp.io?
  15. export exploded view animation fbx [✔️]

    export is chugging along now