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  1. Hey all, Is it possible to add an extra path to the HOUDINI_PATH in the 456.py so that Houdini will load certain otls? My HOUDINI_PATH looks good when the scene is opened but it doesn't load the additional otls. Any ideas would be great Thanks
  2. Cool thanks Michael I'll take a look.
  3. To be honest I'm not sure what exactly has been implemented, but I did stumble across an alembic camera somewhere online that I was able to import with all the focal length and other parameters set. I'm trying to take a camera from Maya currently and like everyone it seems am having problem with the namespaces that seem to be causing issues.
  4. Do the current alembic nodes support importing cameras in h12? I can get a hierarchy of transforms imported but struggling to get more than that working. Thanks, Simon
  5. flip fluid coordinate system

    hey peter, yep has been a little while:) hope all's good...and cheers for the info! It does seem a bit of a tricky one, but yep with some animated textures and lots of cheating I think we can get something that works enough to give us the most for the least!
  6. flip fluid coordinate system

    Evening all! Can anyone shed any light on the coordinate system for flip fluids. I'm trying to make a river and I was wondering if I can use it to create a set of uvs in order to add extra displacement that flows with the river. All rendering shenanigans are happening outside of houdini/mantra so I'm guessing uvs would be the best way to get any info across. Anyone had any experience with this sort of thing? Thanks
  7. thanks Macha...works pretty well actually. I think it is just going to be a bit of a juggling act to get something that works... but definitely pretty good results with the smoothing. thanks again
  8. Thanks for the words of warning petz. Going to leave this for the time being whilst trying to rework the original generation of the geometry. All seems a bit complex to get started and really haven't the time currently. Will check out those pointers when I get a chance, thanks again.
  9. Thanks for taking a look, I couldn't personally get the smooth sop to work on this geo but also the sample was just a very stripped down example, I'm really looking for a way to error check a piece of geometry for any of these types of issues that will come back at me at render time.
  10. Hey, thanks for the reply. Here's a hip with the sort of thing I'm dealing with. Just a bit of point deformation in vops that I need to clean up. Finally I won't have access to the process but will need to find a way to do a post analysis if you have an ideas? thanks, simon selfPenetratingGeometry.hip
  11. Still struggling with this if anyone has any ideas? thanks...
  12. hou or hscript command to create hda

    ace stuff thanks....couldn't see for looking
  13. Hi, I'm trying to find the command that is triggered when you right click on a subnet and click create digital asset. Just can't find it. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks Simon
  14. Hi Guys, Has any one any ideas as to how to isolate polys that are self intersecting on a surface? And what would be the best procedure to try to fix these. Thanks in advance, Simon
  15. Thanks for the replies. They can indeed ruin ones day. Still not sure how or whether I can catch these exceptions from hython yet though. If anyone has any further ideas that would be great. Thanks, s