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  1. Working on a crowd setup with a bunch of ants crawling around branches. Did a test setup with a simple closed tube. For some reason some of them spawn on the inside of the geometry though. Any idea how to fix it so they all crawl on the outside? Tried a mix of normal, orientation and up attributes but can't get it to work. Below green arrows pointing outwards correctly and red ones pointing inwards.
  2. Mathias Jørgensen Houdini Projects

    My first finished Houdini animation! A tesla coil from Red Alert. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/oOLbJq Made with H18, Renderman 23, Substance Painter, Photoshop and Nuke. Project was focused on learning more about procedural modeling. This time lightning. Based on Steven Knipping's amazing Particles III course: http://www.appliedhoudini.com/blog/2018/2/16/particles-iii-sparks-and-lightning Started just trying to model the lightning hitting Tommy. Then decided to turn it into a full animation to also learn more about the general 3D workflow in Houdini e.g. animation, PBR, layering materials, animating materials, scattering and compositing. Initially had a particle system as well for snow falling, but for the life of me couldn't get the alpha map to work right. Even though previewing the UV on the plane looked fine, when rendered it looked like the scale was way bigger for some reason. Can't figure out if this was Houdini or Renderman, but after struggling with it for several hours and it not being a problem in Mantra, I decided to scrap the snow since the time spent on what was a small detail seemed wasted. Will focus on it again in another project. Didn't pan out exactly as I wanted: bit more on the cartoony side, and the elements are clearly copy stamped. Hope to improve this over time with more experience On to the next project! ... something to do with The Mummy (1999) ...
  3. Hi all, Since I just started out a few months back I thought I would start a finished art thread to keep track of my work in Houdini. Both to get critiques when people offer them as well as have something to look back and reflect on Thanks for all the help you guys give. It's a HUGE part of my growth as a self-taught artist.
  4. Am still new to Houdini but I found your thread when experiencing viewport lag too and found something that fixed my issue at least. I disabled Displacement textures in the viewport which immediately improved performance to near real-time. Hope it helps Thanks for your suggestions on other improvements. I feel like the ROP Export and File load system is a bit iffy too, not really giving me anything. Maybe I am just using it wrong >.<
  5. Rocket Launch Sparse Pyro

    Heya, First post here and still pretty new to Houdini having only worked with SOPs before Am trying to make a rocket launch sequence using the new Sparse Fireblast Pyro tool in H18. Kind of like the one they just showed off: I've tried to get as far as I can scouring through the internet, but have hit a wall. I have a couple questions and would love some general critique if anything else can be improved. 1. Is the Fireball tool even the right one to use for an effect like this? 2. How can I make my pyro emitter last longer? So the fire and smoke continues to blast out as it lifts off and it doesn't just end after 20 odd frames? 3. Is there a special way to light the smoke from the flames? 4. How does the smoke rise to the sides like that? Mine just blows out horizontally and dissipates. Thanks for any help you can give. launch_pyro_test.hipnc