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  1. you could use the engine to generate static meshes in this way, not sure if there would be much benefit in import times, also if you want nanite meshes you'd have to apply that mannually after baking the meshes out
  2. Rigid Body Solver

    could run the pieces through a for each named primitive loop using the @path then just keyframe a transform that has the pivot at the centroid?
  3. you could pack the elements you want seperated, if a packed instance is only the one instance it should get converted into a seperate static mesh.
  4. Modeler 2020

    thats great Alexey, many thanks, I have purchased it just now have installed and starting to get familiar with the workflow, its really impressive and seamless feeling, great job mate!
  5. Good practice for baking geometry

    for better UVs have a look at the UV flatten node