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  1. How to extrude/stretch volume on Y axis

    I'm not specifically after aurora effect this time but more how to approach this problem of volume stretching. I think I maybe have a workable solution with a little bit of volume vop and volume advection. Lets see how it goes.
  2. How would I go about streching this particular volume clouds from base Up., with some tapering. You see were Im going with this, aurora boreaniceies. Brain dead at the moment for this, looking for solution, in the mean time if any of you gals have some beatiful idea VolumeCURVEclouds.bgeo.sc
  3. Sprite fireworks

    Little problem I'm having with sprites, I have two sprite render nodes in pop network, scale and orientation works as expected but color information is not passed to render, strange is that opengl view is showing everything ok One more little question. How do one make an expression for particle scale so they get bigger as they get older and just before they die get small again? thanks StarBig.rar FireworksSPRITE.hip
  4. XSI 7...

    Maybe I'm crazy but in XSI7 launch video (great marketing alltogether btw) did that presenter for ice said in one moment "SOPs" and immideatly corrected himself and said geometry instead? Yeah, I'm crazy. Nevertheless great piece of software, me personally likes best maya config settings.
  5. Can this videos be downloaded? I'm behind a proxy and cmi player is not working.
  6. he he, say z-space ten times
  7. Instances

    when I extract tgz archive I get file without extension ?
  8. Neon Bilboard

    Here is a simple copy stamp excersise for a begginer like me, make an animated neon sign with some interesting effect. First test is made with trace SOP on image which is going to be sequence later, hopefully I made two traces of the image, one for the outline and another for inside little lamps, which image was shrinked in cops with expand, he,he . In that shrinked one I put a divide SOP and make it Bricker Polygons with enough small size to give me a fine quadratic mesh over outline, great thing about it is that you have offset and angle to play with, instant animation, but there is a few problems with this simple approach, besides some bad nesting of points on the trace curve, its not that much controlable, not in a houdini ways, me think. I would like to make this a little bit more like an inteligent system, especially with animated sequence driving it, I can foresee some problems allready, those P shaped regions where hands are making another closed shape can make me a lot of troubles. so all help is very appreciated. I will post a hip file as soon as I get it together, its pretty dirty now.
  9. Neon Bilboard

    here is a little shader test, not very perfect because there's some issues with above technique but looks good in motion I was thinking a lot about procedural glow shader thingy for this effect, because in mental ray there is a shader that renders a post effect like glow but in a scene level, so that every glow is visible in reflections or refractions. It makes quite a difference sometimes It would be nice to hear some new ideas about this, I know that it can be done faster and better in post, but.. and when you could control it with copy/stamp like any other shader, whoouuaa
  10. Neon Bilboard

    thats exactly what I was trying all day, it sounds perfectly logical for this task, but creep SOP somehow has a mind of its own and lattice is giving me a division error, even with bound that article would be fantastic it seems that I found solution for that back at SESI, its a geometry to grid faces post http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com...y+center+centre
  11. Neon Bilboard

    Here is another little problem that I cannot resolve I would like my copy/instance tubes to conform to other surface like on a leaf, see picture, I know that this flamingo effect can be done in other ways but I would really like to have it with copy and stamp I used ray to project them on a leaf and deformig works good, but how to get that boundary of the leave surface to scale tubes to fit? LeafNeon.hipnc
  12. Neon Bilboard

    hmm, Partition SOP that sounds about right, will try in the mean time I'm facing some other challenges, making it in 2.5D world, on a curved surface its just stripe shader animated, copy and all, no much of SOP magic on this one, merely little compositing test, las vegas style SurfaceNeonComp.mpg this mpeg is skipping some frames a little so the animation is not as smooth as its from houdini
  13. Neon Bilboard

    Nice and simple Stu, tnx O.K. now I only need to figure how to group those spheres according to alpha and another one is down
  14. Neon Bilboard

    thanks guys, you're great stu, thats a nice technique with animated texture for making this even more exciting, not sure about this case where you could have a fast changing outline, it would be fantastic if we can combine both. that sort SOP with shift really saved the day, I was first pluging it wrong way after the groups, now it works exactly as it should, right tool for the job. things are little messy now cause I duplicated spheres with shader attributes for ON and OFF ones, dont know howto make that switch yet, but I dont care about that right now, it works, yupii divide SOP bricker is not the "real" solution, good for most of the effects, but what if I want lights to originate from center of the image pulsating outwards, or something else that would look good, gotta try that next NeonBC.mpg
  15. Neon Bilboard

    Thanks Georg, you were right on the point It's true that effect of flowing in neon signs are made with switching on and of the lamps and I will try your idea with sort SOP. Did you mean controlling the shading attributes for switching the lamps off, or something else. I have allready stamped several shading attributes, dont know exactly how to switch them of all at once but will try. Other thing that come to mind is to control size, making them zero to switch off. As for the measuring area for holes its little to much for me right now but will shurely try, dont know about moving images, changing shapes rapidly. Like your hatching test, nice selection of image I think I'm going to try some test with nurbs, see where's that gonna take me.
  16. Neon Bilboard

    thanks, I used resample, forgot to mention but how I make these points to move nicely along the traced curve, I know there is an expresion somewhere But lets see if I can upload animation to see a first, rough effect NeonFirst.mpg
  17. Motion Blur With Particles!

    Well, here is an old thread with a wealth of information on some fresh issues regarding of course motion blur on copy objects, particles and instances. One of the first things what a new houdini user diggs out is a beautiful motion blur that mantra has and wishes to use it almost on everything, cant get enough of the good stuff, even rendering really, really slow animations with enormous motion blur, heh, that looks even more groovey O.K. for a Houdini 9.1 things are little more different, more user friendly, or more lottery like compared to H8. In H9 you should get your motion blur by only checking it in render settings, high shutter for camera and there you go, but we can get into problems. As I found out with simple copy SOP spheres on animated revolve surface, no motion blur whatsoever, because I was having sin$F expression instead of sin$FF for curve point that makes revolved surface basic my dear Watson you say, but as a beginner its a good excercise to grasp difference between floating and hole numbers as houdini sees it. I didnt see any difference until I restared scene, thats maybe one thing to look for. ye old school post is great help
  18. Abstract Or Not

    Well, here is a little of that houdini crazyness, one thing led to another and here it is In love with alien it's called Happy Valentine's
  19. '65 Fender Jaguar Smashed

    nice guitar, it happened to me once with a friends guitar, oh the horror how about breaking one of the treble strings on impact, not that I know how to do it, just an idea only crit would be that guitar bounce is to weak, especially if you have such strong force to break a neck, I know I did it
  20. I have a little problem regarding this, fast animated l-system is rendering without motion blur, whether I try tubes or polywire its all the same, I put some other fast moving geometry and its rendering fine, with lots of blur that I added while testing, so what I'm missing?
  21. L-systems Motion Blur

    thanks cellchuck, it is one of your examples with cubes, I animated growth, then only angle, then both but no luck. Geometry velocity is used ok I see little more clearly now when I saw your scene. I mistakenly animated growth through all animation, when growth stops angle animation is with mblur. That I understand, but it renders only in H8 mantra with deform blur no luck in 9. But in your scene appears to exist some growth mblur, shouldnt geometry velocity take care of it now? search continues