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  1. How to create this line sim?

    yes,thanks but this topics could not get me what I wanted.
  2. How to create this line sim?

    hi I hope you are well. I'm studying this project from Ben Watts and I need help. I wanted to know how the simulation of these lines is done?(00:05) thx.
  3. Render Queue in houdini

    Hi I have a problem! I Created Scenes Hip Files and Saved them.(whit OUT ROP Redshift and Separate Render Settings) and i want render hip files like render queue in (cinema4d render queue). What should I do?(in houdini whit redshift3d) thx.
  4. how to create this effect?

  5. how to create this effect?

    Is it possible to give me the project file of this image?
  6. how to create this effect?

    hi I'm looking at something I wanted to know what the technique is. what reason these top lines while being sharp and smooth? tnx
  7. Problem in Vellum!

    Hello I want to simulate the stretch of the fabric in the music cassette, but unfortunately it is not accurate. What should I do? Please provide a suitable solution. Line Dynamic Cassette.hip