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  1. DOP Wire warp

    Hi, I have slightly modified Darkpulse's setup for a DOP wire solver. I'm hoping to make the wires more 'wiggly' not straight up and down. Would I use noise for this? If so, how? I'm quite new to Houdini. What I have now: What I want it to look like: Thank you! wiggly_wires.hip
  2. Hello, I'm looking for help breaking down this tutorial, specifically the cable generation part, which starts around 26 minutes in. Are there other resources that go more in depth into point-cloud based path searching algorithms? I would like to achieve similar results to the video and be able to generate non-intersecting cables that can be warped around an asset. I know this tutorial is older, so I'm wondering if there is a different way to achieve this with a current addition of houdini. Thanks for the help!