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  1. I want to take screenshot of the network editor. I know capture tool and Print Screen button can capture my screen but, What i want is take screenshot with massive resolution! (like 8k something,) The reason of take screenshot with high resolution is i have many nodes and i want to show up my workflow to some other peoples. Thanks and sorry about my English grammar. I`m not native speaker of English.
  2. Thanks that`s actually works
  3. I`m currently working on high resolution of flip simulation but sometimes it`s crashing middle of the simulation and i think it`s memory problem(I`m doing something else while simulation) And i realize that .sim file is can save the simulation progress and i can start up with .sim file to resume the simulation. But during simulation saving whore simulation to save .sim is very waste of disk, saving time,, extra So what i want is after the simulation is done or houdini is crashed or user stopped the simulation, i want to save last of 1~2 frame to resume the simulation! Is there any way to do this?
  4. I have two seperate RBD object in my rigidbody simulation I want to assign some force to first object using dop sop solver but when i plug in dop sop solver to rigidbody simulation the object1, object2 are assigned same dop solver. How to assign dop sop solver to each dop object?