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  1. Best way to get color from multilist in vex?

    Figured out and it was very dumb... I had extra "r" after %d in sprintf function... Thank you all
  2. Hello Community, I am stuck on a problem to get colors from multi-list parameter. I am trying to implement picking a color from a multi-list parameter randomly and I wrote this vex below. int seed = int(rand(@ptnum) * chf("colors")); v@Cd = chv(sprintf("./color%dr",seed+1)); For some reason, it gives me black or white only... And I couldn't figure out why is this happening. Could someone advise me about this? Thank you in advance! Harutabi.hiplc
  3. @Whatsinaname Thank you for your reply! I tried that and it does collide with other particles but still goes all the way down to the bottom of the tank... In the end, I want to make something like the image below. Do you have any idea how this can be done?D
  4. Hello Community, I am having a problem that the FLIP particle doesn't collide with other parts of the flip particle. I have a simple scene that has a tank and emitter in the air. I want to pour the liquid into the tank. I was expecting that is going to create some splashes but it will just going straight down to the bottom of the tank. Does anyone have any idea? Thank you in advance. Flip_Test_v03.hiplc