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  1. Hdri

    Hi, Is it possible to use HDRI based images with Houdini 6 and if so how. I have had one attempt using a light probe image from Paul Debevecs website. Houdini has to convert the hdr format into a .rat file in order for the Vex Global illumination node to use it as a light shader, I have had some interesting effects but not the same as Mr Debevecs work. Has any one tried this before with either a homemade hdr or one from the web. I
  2. ground cracking?

    Hi I am trying to project an l-system onto a grid to create cracks; then I want to have an object smash up from underneath the grid sending parts of the grid into the air and eventually landing. I don
  3. light problems

    hi i have been creating light beams that break into shadows when they hit geometry. it looks great but the render times are way too high=30min for 1 frame. There must be a quicker way of doing this. help anyone, thanks
  4. shake2.4

    hi I know this is very naughty but any help would be realy useful i have shake 2.4 with the keys but i can not get it up and running. anyone know what too do?
  5. Slime

    hi i`m shooting particals up into a peace of geometry which is acting as a collision object. The particles have been copied onto a metaball to give a liquid effect so that the final effect is as if liquid is shooting up into the air and forming the object shape. Hope this makes sence so far. I am having problems making the liquid look like it is dripping (almost a slimy texture) Hope the image helps. the slime was done quickly in photoshop. HELP please sorry here is the image