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  1. Hello, There will be a screening for the short film entitled Invariance, created primarily in Houdini. This will be at the Brooklyn International Film Festival on June 13th 10:00 PM, and June 14th 8:00 PM, at the Brooklyn Heights Cinema. A project page for the festival is here. (There is an online version here too, but, come to Brooklyn!) -David
  2. Hello, I think the signed distance field (e.g. SDF Volume on an IsoOffset SOP) may be the data structure that you are looking for. For any point in the volume, it will give you a vector, the distance and direction to the closest point on the input surface (positive values for points outside and negative values for points inside). I'm not sure if this is actually what you are trying to do, but in any case, it may help, and finding documentation on signed distance fields may help if this is an exercise. -David
  3. Hello, I came across this older thread, and now I'm curious, is anyone using Houdini alongside Matlab or Octave? Or, I suppose, R as well. This thread I think is from before the Houdini 9/Python change, so it seems like that might have opened up possibilities. -David
  4. Channel COP?

    Hello, Is there an equivalent of the Channel SOP, in COPS? I bring an image into CHOPS using the Image CHOP, process it, but then I'm not sure how to retrieve those channels as an image. Thanks, David