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  1. Responding for anyone else looking for this. Use heighfield(mask) as input in an COP network. Do stuff. Output. Use as input in an Heightfield File SOP. Profit. mask_df.hip
  2. Thank you for the reply! That makes a lot of sense, since asking I did turn to expressions with solid results.
  3. I had an issue with a Python SOP setting the file parameter of an other node, where the Python sat above/before the effected node. Resulting in a broken and somewhat random behavior. This was done in a for loop. What seams to have fixed it was to move the Python SOP to execute under/after the effected node. Could someone explain the order of how nodes are executed? Is it that the nodes are evaluated from bottom up and then executed?
  4. Hello! I've modified the heightfield scatter that ships with Hou. It's saved as versioned HDA to my projects HDA folder and I'm now using it, nested inside and other HDA, in a PDG setup. This works fine on my workstation but not for my college. The reference to the modified heightfield scatter is lost when he opens the HIP and the HDA containing the trouble maker just fails. I have a hard time debugging this since it only fails on others workstation. The tools we're building are ending up in Unreal and so far we've managed to avoid using environment files, something we handle with a custom setup in Unreal instead. So I'm hoping to find a solution that doesn't require us to turn to a environment file.
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