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  1. it works ! it is accumulating but for - loop in the popnet, is it the best way to do this effect ?
  2. i am working on the firework effect. i emitted some particle by pop locate and they replicate some particles when dead. Each original particle has orginal id and the id is inherited to replicated particles. What i want to do is assign the normal vector of Geometry( sphere) to the velocity of replicated particles and adjust them along the each original id. so i decided to iterate over original id with For loop inside popnet. I made array list of original id and each id inside the array is taken by Find attribute value count and again loop over with the count of point number that has each id on the array list. The point number that has certain id is bringing into the list called "plis" but the list is updating and deleting,adding new pointnumber. It is not accumulating. how can i fix this ? - my array isn't accumulating but adding one point number and updating the others repeatedly. and Do i complicate the process to make little bit simple effect ?
  3. Hello i am making Fire work effect. I want to replicate one particle from original particle but when i set impulse count 1, it make 1 particle per frame during 4 frame. how can i fix this without keyframing impulse activate tap ? can i write attribute that i made in Parameter ? or kill particle except the first replicated particle Thank you
  4. it seems to be working with volume sample and gradient
  5. Hello i am struggling to make firework by particle. what i want to do is have a real rounded velocity on replicated particles. Not with variance in the setting of Pop replicate menu. So i created sphere outside of popnet. and copied it to the point of justborn replicated particle from Dopimport. And then i tried to import that sphere with Sop geo, sop solver, or just Pcfind in Pop vop. but The sphere is imported at 1 frame , it make particle move to center. i know this cause repercussion but i don't understand when and which one to use between sop geo, sop solver, Pop vop in this situation to avoid repercussion. Or it's better to several popnet and import each original particle to pop replicate of each popnet ? Someone could explain and help , please...
  6. hello i am trying to create weld effect using pop replicate and pop collision detect. i want to emit(replicate) another new particle from replicated particles. my planned work flow is Pop location → Pop replicate1 when collided → Pop collision detect for ''just born group'' of pop replicate1 and replicate new particle from those replicated particle however pop collision detect works only for first replicated particle1. it doesn't detect the replicated(just born) particles are there other work flows to create ''double'' pop replicate weld effect ? particleprj.hipnc