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  1. How to connect constraints from other clusters

    Hello, Thank you for reading my topic. I have a grid fractured into main pieces/clusters, each has a random color. Then each piece is fractured into smaller ones. How can I connect nearby small. I've tried to search for nearest points with (nearpoints) but cant limit the search to only other color than current @Cd. Regards
  2. Point group pattern in "nearpoints" VEX function ...

    I know its an old post but for those who still face the same problem here is what works for me. Simply write the expression without spaces as if it was written on a SOP node. i[]@pts; pts = nearpoints(0, "@Cd.x>0.8", @P,20); Hope this helps others
  3. Hi, I have a scene with one sphere scattered on points for another sphere. I want to create multiple unique copies of the final product with unique scatter seed. I ve used stamp(...... but it give the same result for all copies. attached the hip file and and screen shots. Kind regards Here is the hip file Random.hipnc Kind regards