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  1. Hello guys !!! Anybody have similar problems with context menus ? The same problem I have on all version and builds in past. OS - centos 7 GPU - nvidia 1080 Ti, 390.67 driver
  2. Hello guys. Anybody have experience how to use pymel in standalone without GUI ? import sys path = '/usr/autodesk/maya2016/lib/python2.7/site-packages' sys.path.append(path) import maya.standalone Unfortunately with code doesnt work.
  3. My 3 year old work, most of tasks was done in Houdini.
  4. Instance POP and Custom Bindings

    I found answer Solution inside popobject, some parms not connected to the parent parm - Bindings on the popobject
  5. Hello guys. Anybody know how to enable visualization of instance for particles if I changed Bindings name from default Geometry to as example Particles ?
  6. Guys anybody know how to use distribute shelf tool if I have custom dopnetwork inside sop ?
  7. Steam train, slow motion ?

    The simplest way for you do simulation as usual, but set more than 1 substep on the dopnetwork. As result you can get data beetween frames for your slowmotion.
  8. If you have artifacts tune parameters in the display options>Texture
  9. Constraint FEM

    Hello guys !!! Anybody know we have any possibility for constraint FEM like bullet ?
  10. Add items to the ordered menu in HDA

    Tomas is it great, thank you. Cool if we will have ability in the future releases of houdini to build gui for HDA with PySide.
  11. Add items to the ordered menu in HDA

    I want to connect directly button and menu. When user will press the button, menu will be filled. I cant understand how to make it with menu script.
  12. Hello guys !!! Anybody can help ? I want to add items to the ordered menu in HDA by python. On example after user press button in the HDA, script add some items to the menu. Thanks
  13. Houdini 15 Sneak Peek

    Sorry guys, i forgot I mean deform SOP