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  1. Good day Anybody have experience with how to instance volume with time offset ? Retime instance LOP unfortunately doesn't work properly
  2. Good day community. Anybody know, Houdini has the possibility to increase tolerance calculation? I have some case when the camera and object far away from the center of coordinate, by z-axis +550 and as result, I have a mismatch in CHOP's
  3. oslo

    FEM freeze

    I found that happen with GNL method, wth GSL method overall speed lower, but simulation not freeze. Later I will share hip file.
  4. oslo

    FEM freeze

    Good day I have an issue with FEM solver, behavior is freezing after some frame. As I understand that some specific feature. https://imgur.com/a/rJupTKW
  5. Hello guys !!! Anybody have similar problems with context menus ? The same problem I have on all version and builds in past. OS - centos 7 GPU - nvidia 1080 Ti, 390.67 driver
  6. Hello guys. Anybody have experience how to use pymel in standalone without GUI ? import sys path = '/usr/autodesk/maya2016/lib/python2.7/site-packages' sys.path.append(path) import maya.standalone Unfortunately with code doesnt work.
  7. My 3 year old work, most of tasks was done in Houdini.
  8. I found answer Solution inside popobject, some parms not connected to the parent parm - Bindings on the popobject
  9. Hello guys. Anybody know how to enable visualization of instance for particles if I changed Bindings name from default Geometry to as example Particles ?
  10. Guys anybody know how to use distribute shelf tool if I have custom dopnetwork inside sop ?
  11. The simplest way for you do simulation as usual, but set more than 1 substep on the dopnetwork. As result you can get data beetween frames for your slowmotion.
  12. If you have artifacts tune parameters in the display options>Texture
  13. oslo

    Constraint FEM

    Hello guys !!! Anybody know we have any possibility for constraint FEM like bullet ?
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