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  1. All three of those codes are still available. I am really surprised, and honestly a bit disappointed. No one cared to even have a go at it for free?
  2. Hey there all, here are a few coupon codes if anyone is interested. https://gum.co/searcher 1. l21h4om 2. r7rkj2c 3. ycixpd5 (As of today, 7-7-2020 4:02pm, these are all still available. No one is interested in trying it out?)
  3. Hey all, I wanted to share my new search and run add-on called "Searcher". Search for any actions, menu items, etc, the just hit tab, select it, and hit enter to run/trigger them right there without the need to find things in a menu. I am a huge fan of JetBrains IDE's "Search Everything" window, VSCodes Command Palette, Blenders space bar search, etc, and considering how much of a beast Houdini is and all the things it can do, I couldn't help but feel that this was a major feature that Houdini could really benefit from one. It lets you search and run nearly any available Searcher uses Full-Text Search 5 (FTS5) to allow for fuzzy, abbreviated, partial search which can bring up what you are after much quicker. Example. You can search for most any native and 3rd party added actions, menu items, etc, and run/trigger them straight away from the search window, which I tried to demonstrate in this clip below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBG1atLljZo It also provides the ability to hover your mouse over windows/panes and then display the available actions/hotkeys for that particular window/context. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzwwaVjVKaU If you are interested, you can check it out here: https://gum.co/searcher Thanks!
  4. Modeler 1.0

    Very good. I just tested out my other recommendation using packages to make sure it worked as well. I expected it would, but I wanted to be sure. Using the modeler.json I attached above, and putting the actual modeler files in a different location (I keep them all in a separate addons folder on a faster drive) works just fine as well as you can see the modeler shelf in the image below. So it just comes down to personal preference. I like to keep everything separated out in to their own packages and keep my env file clean.
  5. Modeler 1.0

    *********** Edit - I didn't realize that his instructions in the txt file specifically had you format the env file like this: HOUDINI_PATH = "$HOUDINI_PATH;&;$MODELER_PATH". Iif what I said is incorrect for this particular addon, my bad, I apologize. If so, just disregard and do as the instructions said. I have yet to even try this addon out since I bought it. I will test it on my end. If that is the case, in the file I added below, change it to this instead: { "env": [ { "MODELER": "C:/Users/PATH/TO/modeler/" }, { "HOUDINI_PATH" : { "value": "$MODELER/", "method": "append" } }, ] } ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Remove the $HOUDINI_PATH from the HOUDINI_PATH and have the & at the end. HOUDINI_PATH=$MODELER_PATH;& PYTHONPATH is (I believe) the only one in which you want to have PTPATH = $PYPATH;$OTHERSTUFF; Even better yet, don't modify the houdini.env file at all. In your Documents\houdini18.0\ create a folder called "packages" if it does not exist, and in there add the modeler.json file I have attached. Then open it and change "C:/Users/PATH/TO/modeler/" to the actual path to your modeler folder. This allows you to put the modeler folder somewhere else, remove it from your houdini.env and saves a lot of trouble and confusion. Modeler.json
  6. Modeler 1.0

    Well, that works for me. Done, lol.
  7. Yeah, I don't recall exactly why I had triplanar on to begin with. I had several different material settings and different substance files prior to finding an actual substance I wanted to use, so I moved forward with it and it wasn't until the next day or so that I noticed what was happening, so I forgot about all the settings changes I had made, lol. Thanks again, I appreciate it.
  8. Possible to interact with main menu via script?

    I think I have an idea worked out for this that should work, I will report back after I give it a go.
  9. Possible to interact with main menu via script?

    Yeah, that would be the fallback I suppose, but I was hoping to get it from within the application, in case there are custom things added or mapped via Houdini.env, it would help to get them all directly from it. It seems like there should be some sort of way to get an active current list. I will just have to keep searching.
  10. Possible to interact with main menu via script?

    The more I search, the more it seems like that is the case. It seems like most, if not all, of the menu items are present within the hotkey manager under the /Houdini/ context, so if I could figure out a way to dump everything that is in there, that might at least get me the names of everything.
  11. Hello, I am wondering if it's possible to interact with the main menu via script (File, Edit, Assets, etc)? Such as returning a list of the current menu items at runtime. I say at runtime in case there are custom menu items which are not default, such as the RenderMan menu that shows up when it's installed, etc. Then if it is also possible to open specific menu items, or trigger their functionality via script? I have been searching all day in the help docs and github for examples but the closest things I can find have to do with what looks like simply creating new menu items with MenuParmTemplate(). I have found that there are menu items within MainMenuCommon.xml, but as an example, is there some way to get this info via something like menuList = hou.ui.getMenuNames() and then use hou.ui.openMenu(“h.Asset_Manager”)? I also was trying to see if there was a way to a list of all current hotkeys. I see there are ways to get specific ones if you have the context code or vice versa, but I was trying to see if there was a way to just get all of them that there are currently? Thanks,
  12. Setting up VS Code for Houdini Python

    Not sure if you got this working yet or not, but I am using the following and it works well for me. "python.autoComplete.extraPaths": [ "C:\\Program Files\\SideFX\\Houdini18.0.356\\houdini\\python2.7libs", "E:\\_unity\\_projects\\Python_Unity\\Library\\PackageCache\\com.unity.scripting.python@2.0.0-preview.6\\Python\\site-packages" ], "python.autoComplete.preloadModules": [ "hou", "unity_python" ], "terminal.integrated.env.windows": { "PYTHONPATH": "C:\\Program Files\\Side Effects Software\\Houdini18.0.356\\houdini\\python2.7libs;E:\\_unity\\_projects\\Python_Unity\\Library\\PackageCache\\com.unity.scripting.python@2.0.0-preview.6\\Python\\site-packages", "PATH": "${env:PATH};C:\\Program Files\\Side Effects Software\\Houdini18.0.356\\bin" }, "python.pythonPath": "C:\\Python27\\python.exe", "[python]": {}, "terminal.integrated.shell.windows": "C:\\WINDOWS\\System32\\wsl.exe",
  13. Modeler 1.0

    The overall usability is a big part of deciding what tools to use. Ex. I could not stand Blender 1.7x or earlier, but love 1.8x because of the changes. Is there any possibility of creating some sort of lightweight reduced feature demo of the modeling tools, just to get a feel of the workflow?
  14. Hey all, I am just getting started trying to make tools for Houdini and I had a few fairly basic questions. Can Should additional packages be used outside of whatever ones Houdini includes? I mean, I am sure they *can* be used, at least locally, but if I wanted to make a tool using additional packages and then release it down the road, how exactly does that work? Does it have the ability to download required packages from a requirements file? I noticed that there are separate folders for scripts and HDAs. At first I thought HDA's were just sets of scripts that were exported in a Houdini native format, but it seems that is probably not the case if they are separated out. Do HDA's include scripts, or are they just sets of nodes configured in predefined ways? If it includes Python, does it have to be written within Houdini's editor instead of being in external files? Thanks all, -MH
  15. I got this figured out. Looks like having triplanar set on the Unity material/shader is what caused it.