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  1. I have an alembic cache of fluid running down from Houdini, then I bring it to Maya 2020 to render with motion blur. As I turn on motion blur option in Maya, it runs an error saying the normal changing from 1155536 -> 1155530. How do I fix this problem?
  2. sink FLIP

    yes it helps, but is there more technical way to control it?
  3. sink FLIP

    How do control the amount of the particle kill from sink FLIP. I have a scene where I pour water into the pond, and I use sink FLIP to kill particle so it won't overflow the pond. But the amount the fluid got drain so quickly, how can I control the amount of particle that kill but a sink FLIP? I try connect it with POP Drag but it doesn't work.
  4. random pick point with vex

    I just recently learn to use AttRandom to randomly pick point on a scattered field, how to I do it vex? random pick point.hipnc
  5. thank you very much, it helps me alot
  6. is there a way to reduce the file size? it's too heavy to load in maya
  7. I have a an object that I cut into pieces with grid. For each pieces, i want to move them randomly within x and z direction. But when I write the @P in Wrangle SOP, it only move the point within that piece. I want to move the whole piece not just a point, how do i do that randomTransForeach.hipnc
  8. recently I'm working on a fluid scene, I have my fluid mesh cache out as bgeo.sc, 1 frame is 132,140 kB; but when it cache 1 frame of abc. it's 316,627 kB. Is there a way to reduce the .abc file? I plane to import the whole sequence into Maya.
  9. I just create a fluid simulation and cache out the fluid surface. Now I want to export out the whole sequence as abc. file, but the file size is too big. One frame of the fluid surface cache is 132,140 kB, but when it cache 1 frame of abc. it's 316,627 kB. Is there a way to reduce the file size? I plan to import the abc. into Maya.
  10. volume shading

    Thanks, your method works. Is it possible to do it the 'Pyro Post-Process' SOP? I wire the 'PPP' SOP after convertVDB, it just simply disappear.
  11. Volume Source as Collision

    I believe 'collision' and 'v' is the require field in order to create the collision using volumeSource. I'm sure the name on the field is correct, but what is the gradient of the volume?
  12. volume shading

    I tried to create a muzzle flash base on this vimeo. In Houdini, I converted the polygon to volume, but I don't know how to apply material to it since the effect is not create by Pyro DOP Network. I tried either pyro post porcess and flame material, both didn't work. How should I apply the material properly? shading volum.hipnc
  13. Muzzle Flash

    Hi, I have trouble of make the muzzle flash too. I convert the geometry to Volume using convervdb SOP. How do I apply pyro material on it? (I'm using Houdini 18)
  14. In the file I try to create the custom velocity with noise over time using normals. At first I did it with AttributeNoise, things go smoothly. Then I try to recreate it with Vop node, I can't have the normal distribute equally in all the direction like how I did with AttrNoise. Plus it move very fast over time, how do I reduce the movement of it. Also, can anyone show me how to do it in vex too. I add @Frame in vex, everything move in super speed. Thanks in advance. customVelocity.hip
  15. Hi everybody, I'm quite new to Houdini so I have a problem here. I have a group of points on a geometry. Now I want to find the center point of it so I can 'Copy to Point' a sphere. The geometry is an animated alembic cache. find centerPoint.hipnc BAZA_GUN.abc