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  1. FLIP slip field control

    Hi, I'm currently working on a scene where the oil spill on an object. I need to control the slip field so I browse through any video that I can find. I found one pretty interesting, it's a flip test made by Tim Woods on Vimeo. in the comment section, he explained using DotProduct in VOP in DOP level to create Curvature Attraction. This is his explaination: Curvature Attraction is based inside the DOP network as a SolverSOP piped into the Particle Velocity of the Flip Solver. At it's basic level it measures the surface using DotProduct against a vector of 0,1,0. You can use this to mask a test that finds closest mesh position weighted by distance. I also made a mix/slerp the cross product of the surface normal (makes a downward flow normal). This helps keep the flip moving, otherwise in some cases it can slow down when you start to add upward vel to it. Can someone help me on this part, I don't know how I should wire the DotProduct also how to create the attraction from it. I would be appreciate if someone could give me a hand in this. Thanks in advance.
  2. FLIP - Slip on Collision Control Field

    hi Skull, This method really help me alot when I'm working on my scene. Thank you for sharing what u could learn from FB. Can I ask the name of that Fb group? I would like to join the VFX world to do more cool stuff like you did. Thanks,
  3. pop rbd scale over time

    I have a DOP Network with multi solver, which spawn rbd sphere with pop solver. How do I make the size of the sphere small at the source, then become bigger as the current size when it touches the ground. pop_rbd.hip
  4. I have a certain amount of points on a line, I scatter few points around the line. I use pcfind to find the closet points from the scattered points on line. Now I want to connect each selected point on the line to their corresponding closet point. Can someone help me with that. Thanks in advanced. connect points.hip
  5. axiom with MOP_spread problem

    Im working on a pyro simulation using axiom solver. I have an animated tiger in scene, I then use MOP_Spread to animate the @mops_falloff from head to tail, then I multiply @mops_falloff with @density to have the density source animated. As you can see the density is smoothly transform from 0 to 1, but when I run the simulation with sub step by 2, there's some point the density spawn even though the density source has not yet reach to the point. Is there anyway to fix this matter? Thks in advance. pyro spread.hip 03_Anim_Xich_Ho_intro.fbx density_source.mp4 axiom_solver_problem.mp4
  6. We can group point in bounding box with group nodes. But how do I do it with vex? select pt in bbox vex.hip
  7. I have colored gradient for each extruded primitive using For Each Loop. How do I do the same thing with vex? I'm not familiar with prim array. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance. how to foreach prim with vex.hip
  8. how do I rotate the box in scene random between -45 and 45 degree? I mean it's either -45 or 45, no any random degree in between. certain rotate degree.hip
  9. scaling rbd object stop at certain frame

    where should I clamp the value? In SOP Solver where I use Primitive SOP to make it bigger ovettime?
  10. Hi, I have rbd object emit from DOP particle, and I scale each rbd over time by @age. But I want them to stop scale at a certain amount because I feel like they are big enough. How do I make them stop at the red marker size? Thanks in advance, Candy_FireWork.hip
  11. different rotating speed overtime

    thank you. I didn't know abt that tool
  12. firework explode rbd multisolver

    I rebuild the firework system base on firework workflow in Houdini 18 so I can have better control in several parameter. But how do I turn those sphere into rbd object and have them collide each other in a box. I watched the multisolver online from this guy ( ) but I can't figure out how to combine them. Can anyone help me please. Thanks in advance, firework box 2.hip
  13. Hi, I have a simple pop Network simulating the particles. As I copy the box to particles, I want them to rotate overtime. But when I manipulate the rotate in Transform SOP, they move in the same pattern. How do I make each box rotate at different axis on their own, and with different speed? Thanks in advance. different rotation.hip
  14. I learn how to find the center point on internet, but seem like it doesn't apply in this situation. How do I find the exact center point for these primitive? center point for custom primitive.hip random primitive.obj
  15. How do I make the geo not overlapping each other no matter how I scale it up? overlap.hip