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  1. We can group point in bounding box with group nodes. But how do I do it with vex? select pt in bbox vex.hip
  2. I have colored gradient for each extruded primitive using For Each Loop. How do I do the same thing with vex? I'm not familiar with prim array. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance. how to foreach prim with vex.hip
  3. how do I rotate the box in scene random between -45 and 45 degree? I mean it's either -45 or 45, no any random degree in between. certain rotate degree.hip
  4. scaling rbd object stop at certain frame

    where should I clamp the value? In SOP Solver where I use Primitive SOP to make it bigger ovettime?
  5. Hi, I have rbd object emit from DOP particle, and I scale each rbd over time by @age. But I want them to stop scale at a certain amount because I feel like they are big enough. How do I make them stop at the red marker size? Thanks in advance, Candy_FireWork.hip
  6. different rotating speed overtime

    thank you. I didn't know abt that tool
  7. Hi, I have a simple pop Network simulating the particles. As I copy the box to particles, I want them to rotate overtime. But when I manipulate the rotate in Transform SOP, they move in the same pattern. How do I make each box rotate at different axis on their own, and with different speed? Thanks in advance. different rotation.hip
  8. firework explode rbd multisolver

    I rebuild the firework system base on firework workflow in Houdini 18 so I can have better control in several parameter. But how do I turn those sphere into rbd object and have them collide each other in a box. I watched the multisolver online from this guy ( ) but I can't figure out how to combine them. Can anyone help me please. Thanks in advance, firework box 2.hip
  9. I learn how to find the center point on internet, but seem like it doesn't apply in this situation. How do I find the exact center point for these primitive? center point for custom primitive.hip random primitive.obj
  10. How do I make the geo not overlapping each other no matter how I scale it up? overlap.hip
  11. I have 3 different geometry I want to copy onto grid's point, I use Copy Stamp with this function: fit01(rand($PT),0,1). I also write the expression on switch VOP like this: stamp('../copy1', random,0). Now I can control the variety as well as the randomness by adding values into expression above. But later I need to put all the controls into a controller so the third person can control it easily. Is there a way to make those expression has a slider control so that I don't have to go back to the node to change the number. I would like to make it have a slider like writing chf('offset'). how to make slider ctrl for expression.hip
  12. I have grid planes attached randomly on 'grid1'. I scattered points on the smaller grid planes but it's not the result I want. As you can see in the image, the scattered points is not distributed on every grid plane. For each grid plane I have, I want to scattered same amount of point (at least 1 point), and the point will be randomly place. How do I fix it? scattered point on grid plane.hip
  13. I create new points on a geometry with vex primitive: addpoint(0, @P); how do I group all the points I just created? I don't want to go through long version of group combine.
  14. wires

    thank you so much
  15. wires

    I have 2 opposite surface, I scattered points on surface. Now I want to connect wire of points, as I use Add, there are line overlapping in Z direction. I only want to connect crossing each other. How I fix this? wireProblem.hip
  16. divide surface

    This is a good method, but as I increase the distance, the polygon don't seems to be equal.
  17. divide surface

    I have a grid plane, I divide it by 3. I want to make the 3 plane I just divided separated, and I want to control the space (red) between them. How do I do that? Thanks in advance.
  18. bbox problem

    thanks alot.
  19. bbox problem

    I was trying to move the box up above the ground base on the Y size, but seems like my expression is not correct. Can anyone help me fix it?
  20. I just create a fluid simulation and cache out the fluid surface. Now I want to export out the whole sequence as abc. file, but the file size is too big. One frame of the fluid surface cache is 132,140 kB, but when it cache 1 frame of abc. it's 316,627 kB. Is there a way to reduce the file size? I plan to import the abc. into Maya.
  21. I have an alembic cache of fluid running down from Houdini, then I bring it to Maya 2020 to render with motion blur. As I turn on motion blur option in Maya, it runs an error saying the normal changing from 1155536 -> 1155530. How do I fix this problem?
  22. sink FLIP

    yes it helps, but is there more technical way to control it?
  23. sink FLIP

    How do control the amount of the particle kill from sink FLIP. I have a scene where I pour water into the pond, and I use sink FLIP to kill particle so it won't overflow the pond. But the amount the fluid got drain so quickly, how can I control the amount of particle that kill but a sink FLIP? I try connect it with POP Drag but it doesn't work.
  24. random pick point with vex

    I just recently learn to use AttRandom to randomly pick point on a scattered field, how to I do it vex? random pick point.hipnc
  25. thank you very much, it helps me alot