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  1. My current development. Digital asset for creating production-ready animated trees and other plants. A few types of wind (Real time wind system and accurate dynamic wind), many many options to customize plant as you wish. Additional examples of wind animation will be a little later. Basically, you need only 8 hours to create fully dynamical 3d tree. (2-3 hours for tweak a shape and all other time for dynamic) Implemented by python, HDK, and a lot of free time This is noncommercial thing. - Module system for any kinds of vegetation - All in one DA - Maximum flexibility - Fast internal modules based on HDK ( C++) - Auto smooth trunks - Dynamics - Leaves mesh builder http://vimeo.com/58316944 Please, feel free to contact me any time. Thanks.
  2. Hello. I finish my latest development tool for motion designers and projection artists! It is fast and simple solution. Hope you will like it http://www.orbolt.com/asset/e3d::pointBuncher::109 https://vimeo.com/106270443
  3. Pt.Buncher Digital Asset development

    Thank you Acey, I will fix it. English is not my native language. Skybar, it is VEX hard coded solution. I used 3 different approaches to get this effect and VEX solution was fastest. Thanks
  4. Hello. I need you advice about AttribWrangle I have the simple code: setpointattrib(geoself(),"P",0,{10,10,10},"set"); So now I would like to get the attribute value from the current modified geometry. How to do that? Note again: We are in "Run over: detail" I couldn't find any methods to get current attribute value trough geoself() identifier. Please, help
  5. Read attribute in AttribWrangle detail mode.

    Oh thanks for @OpInput its very useful. Well any way, it returns me attribute value which was in input source. I need to get modified value. // Default value is {0,1,0} // Lets change it to {10,10,10} setpointattrib(geoself(),"P",0,{10,10,10},"set"); // lets read new value from geometry... vector pos; getattribute(@Opinput1,pos,"point","P",0,0); // It Returns {0,1,0}
  6. Read attribute in AttribWrangle detail mode.

    magneto, thanks for reply. Well, getattribute() uses only string path to geometry. Like file on a disk or OP: link to node. This is not what I find. It couldn't get modified attribute from current attribWrangle unfortunately. point() function works with geoself() but it returns unmodified attribute value Maybe there is some trick to get this function work with geoself()?
  7. PBR transparent shadow

    Hello. Is it possible to control shadow opacity from the shader in PBR? Something like Cl export variable or something else? In traditional shading it is not a problem but I cant find solution for PBR. I need to get transparent shadow from non-transparent object. Thank you very much
  8. Car rig in dop

    Hello. Is it possible to create simple 4 wheels rig in dop? I try many of existing constraints , but this task isn't clear to me. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. Hello, does somebody compile plugins for 12.5? There is a lot of errors with Libboost. Where It could be? Example of errors: LNK1104: cannot open file libboost_thread_vc90-mt-1_51.lib
  10. Thank edward! I'am compiling through VC9 compiler.
  11. So i decided to make hard-surface model fully in houdini. I'am not a modeller, but I found some interested sides of modelling in houdini when make this model You can fully ignore viewport selections. What does it mean? You could change everything done in past in any time. Bevels, extrudes and other stuff could base on dynamically changed groups. DA could give you ability to make your own library of frequently used tools and elements. I think that houdini users has a powerful modelling tools, so I plan to show my results since this time. There is a lot of work needs to do (camera, bottom port, etc), but i discovered hou as modelling tool for myself. Time for modelling - 2 work days (about 20 hours for this stage) Thanks
  12. Introducing Orbolt™ Smart 3D Assets

    My two cents. This store is faced to new houdini users i think. Personally, I dont want to depends on DA author in my work, who locked his assets. But if newbie user doing simple campfire by one single click with asset from store - he get this possibility. Houdini is slow solution to make one-click things. So store resolve part of this problem.
  13. Hello. I have questions regarding this two compilers. Please, could you tell me , what is difference between them? Why hcustom compile sop_star example correctly and vc9 compile it with a tons of errors and it doesn't work? I setup my project in VS2008 with all additional libraries, headers, but compiler output to me a lot of errors. Seems to me, i'am not sure is my project in VS setup correctly. Could you tell me how can i get sop_star compiled in VS9? step by step? Begin from scratch of new project Thank you
  14. Area specular in shader. How?

    Hello, could you help me, i am trying to get specular from area light source in vex, how to do that? Seems to me that i need to use sample_light for this , but how to use this function? Thanks
  15. Hello. In H11 there was special key "-m" for compile vop operator from VFL file How to do the same operation in H12? in vcc.exe's help for compile there is no this key. Thanks
  16. Hello. I have the problem with using ramp parameter in vex. What code should i use for get it works? Seems that i need to use spline() with a few arrays of values, as in the help, but compiler gives me a lot of errors with it. How i need to use spline function for this? Thank you
  17. VEX: Ramp parameter code. Spline function?

    Thanks SYmek. Thats correct, i found this solution after posting this thread) Maybe sombody find this information useful too. Thanks again
  18. Bullet Solver Challenge?

    Oh, thats awesome, michael!
  19. Car rig in dop

    Thanks, Alexey. Thats what i need.
  20. The Sun animation

    My latest shot. All maked in houdini. For grad studio thanks guys update: breakdown
  21. The Sun animation

  22. The Sun animation

    Hello, guys. Thanks for such a nice words about my work. As I see, I need to do breakdown of this shot. Maybe I'll find time to make it and inform you about it
  23. Hello, is it possible to assign category for my own digital asset? its not very usable, to see all assets in "digital asset" submenu
  24. Thanks, Ryan. It exactly what i need
  25. H12 goes beta!

    Great news! Robert, whether will be additional information about h12 near future?