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  1. Interrupted Simulations

    I would love if someone had a better way to do this, but for very long sims, I've often broken the sim into segments with multiple solvers and IO nodes. 1st Vellum solver, 1st Vellum IO caches say 1 - 500, then plug that into another (2nd Vellum) solver with the same or similar settings but with start frame set to 500, and another Vellum IO caching say 500 - 1000. Then at the end you can just sequence blend between the two caches. It's not pretty, but it works. Plus you can fine tune the sim settings slightly for each section of the sim if necessary and blend between them. Also, there is the "File Mode" settings on the Vellum IO node. If you set it to "automatic" it is supposed to look and see if there is an existing frame and use that, and only if there isn't, then cook a new frame. However, I find that it works sometimes and not others and I haven't figured out why yet.
  2. [Vellum] Dynamically disable external collisions

    As Tomas was pointing out above, you can use s@collisiongroup to set a point group name for each collision object (I used "tubeA" and "tubeB"). Then on each string set s@collisionignore to ignore the appropriate group. So string A s@collisionignore = "tubeB" and string B s@collisionignore = "tubeA". Here we're ignoring the entire object, but obviously since it's a point group, you can also select a subset of points on a collision object to ignore. selective_collision_release_mbG.hiplc
  3. [Vellum] Dynamically disable external collisions

    Thank you guys, I see the problem. When I tried before I was adding @collisionignore or @disableexternal to the vellum geo not the collision geo. In retrospect, I guess that seems obvious. For future problems, how did you know it was an attribute on the collision geo? When I looked at the Vellum Attributes page it was listed under Sim Attributes: Geo but it doesn't specify which attributes are Vellum geo attributes and which are collision geo attributes.
  4. [Vellum] Dynamically disable external collisions

    Sure. Thanks collision_release_v01.hiplc
  5. I'm trying to create a vellum string setup where at a given frame, the string ignores one collision object, but not the others in a scene. I got something working with Vellum in DOPs and just switching up the static objects at a given frame. But it seems like there should be a more elegant way of doing it with collisionignore. I can get collisionignore to work as an initial point attribute, but I can't figure out how to alter the value at a given frame. Am I missing something simple and dumb?
  6. Redshift postfx

    Anyone got postfx working in houdini? I'm trying to add in a LUT for lighting and nothing is showing up in either the IPR render view or MPlay. I added the LUT in the postfx tab in camera settings and enabled postfx. But nothing. I'm still on RS 2.6.49 and Houdini 18.0.287.
  7. uv vs. materialuv

    Not the most urgent of questions, but it's been bugging me and I can't find very good documentation. What is the different between UV (vertex attribute) and materialuv (point attribute). They seem to function similarly and interchangeably when applying textures, but other than the fact that one is point and one vertex, I don't see a difference. So why does Vellum apply materialuv's to its materials instead of uv's? Is there any real difference?
  8. H18 - Problem Panning with Wacom

    Try opening Wacom Tablet Properties and under Grip Pen / Mapping uncheck "Use Windows Ink". That should fix it. If only there was a check box somewhere you could uncheck "Use Windows"