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  1. execute hscript via toggle?

    This might be a really basic "duh" question, but here goes: Say i have a simple toggle in a param. interface. How can i set it to work with an if statement, so i can say... use opset to hide nodes when it is checked, and reveal them when it's unchecked?
  2. Palm branch

    http://facultypages.scad.edu/~mkesson/vsfx...alinak/ribs.htm like that? there's a screenshot of my tree so you can see what i did.
  3. furlength broken in 9.1?

    Hey guys, I'm working with a fairly simple fur setup so far, and i'm trying to get furlength to be editable via a paint sop. Anyways, furlength doesnt seem to work... even if i create a furlength attribute, and set it's value (it shows up clearly in the details view) nothing changes... is furlength broken? As a workaround, i've used copystamping on my guide wires, but i'd rather just have furlength work somehow...
  4. unique random particle orientation for copy

    adding to the normals did the same thing as adding to velocity in this case. offsetting the x y z did help a little though, but for the most part, they still line up.
  5. Well, it's almost 3am, and i can't seem to get this to work. I'm trying to get these grids that are copied to these particles to randomly orient themselves. They have no velocity, so i thought creating that attribute would work, and in details view with this, vx, vy, and vz are all different per particle, BUT they still all align themselves! The scale is randomly affected... so why not vel/direction!? Should i make an orientation attribute? I've done this before, but it's late and i forget what i did
  6. Fur-tool

    if anyone's still got all this info, shoot me a pm, or shaun@neonshaun.com thanks guys...
  7. Fracture Test

    netvudu, how did you get the box to fracture as a shell? i've tried extruding the faces, cookie cutting a smaller box out, and a few other things, and it always breaks the box up through the middle, like a volume.