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  1. Yes, as far I could tell in a few minutes.
  2. Hey Mark, see post 6 above. You might need to provide your own implementation of resetSimulation. To begin with, just try returning 0 and see if that gets rid of any crashing when the particle sim resets.
  3. No problem. It doesn't compile after the class is implemented because the compiler then sees that there's no POP_ContextData::POP_ContextData() constructor, so you would need to initialize myPopContext properly. I commented that out, and this works for me POP_LocalForce_blindData_v4_MR.tar.gz
  4. The demangled symbol _ZN11MyBlindDataC1EP8POP_Node is MyBlindData::MyBlindData(POP_Node*). Its not implemented in the code you last posted, nor is the destructor. Try: class MyBlindData : public POP_BlindData { public: MyBlindData(POP_Node *node) : POP_BlindData(node) {} virtual ~MyBlindData() {} ... }; The duplicate method should probably be returning a pointer to a new object..
  5. I don't see how this compiles, for one thing POP_BlindData::duplicate is pure-virtual, and I dont see it implemented in the version posted above (post #4) I don't see this definition in the code above, or the destructor, and as you've defined it the compiler shouldn't be synthesizing one. And I don't see a POP_BlindData::POP_BlindData() constructor, (I'm looking at the H11 interface), so I would think you need to explicitly call POP_BlindData::POP_BlindData(POP_Node* node)
  6. I think the reason you're seeing crashing and/or link errors is because you haven't implemented your MyBlindData class. But after that's done, it looks to me like something in POP_BlindData::resetSimulation or POP_ContextData::resetBlindData is broken? A workaround could be to reimplement resetSimulation, handling any reset stuff yourself and returning 0. hth
  7. Hey Mark, It looks like there's only a forward declaration of POP_BlindData before your MyBlindData class, so I think its just a matter of including POP_BlindData.h before that point. Also, the use of goto statements in that example precludes you from initializing MyBlindData where you are trying to. I haven't tried actually using the class though, but I've done something similar by creating a singleton which can store persistent state information, although without the cache friendliness. HTH, Michael
  8. Thanks Graham for the clarification. I swear hou.Geometry.freeze() used to return a deep copy This is a big omission from the HOM, hope your RFE's come true! I would at least expect hou.Geometry.freeze() to return a pointer-to-const though.. constGeo = hou.pwd().geometry().freeze() constGeo.clear() ?
  9. Is it possible to create a temporary hou.Geometry object in a sop? Seems like the freeze() method should work, but it looks broken to me: myGeo = hou.pwd().geometry() tempGeo = myGeo.freeze() inside a sop, and the sop's geometry still seems to be linked to tempGeo. I tried creating a temporary node to work with, but I get a permission error if I attempt to modify its geometry, even if its frozen. The hou.Geometry.__init__() method is disabled, and copy.deepcopy() doesn't work.
  10. PhysX

    Everything is pre-fractured. Nothing happening on the gpu.. PhysX currently has "gpu acceleration" for sph fluids, cloth, and soft-body simulations, and only on Nvidia hardware on windows. Both very similar as far as rigid bodies go. My completely-unqualified, not-profiled, don't-listen-to-me impression is that -- with out of the box settings -- PhysX is faster, but bullet tends to be more stable with many stacked objects. I've yet to look at multithreading or the cuda based broadphase collision step in bullet though, and those things could make a significant difference. Bullet provides full source code for free, which is a huge selling point
  11. PhysX

    Another option for dynamics in Houdini Binary builds for linux and osx are in beta. http://audenmedia.com/michael/?p=84
  12. pointer array from group

    Thanks Edward. That's what I'm trying to avoid, but now that I understand a little better how groups work it makes sense. So all the GEO_Detail functions that can operate on a group have to loop through the entire gdp as well? Storing a GEO_PointRefArray for each group might be the solution I'm looking for.
  13. Is there a built-in way to get an array of GEO_Point* or GEO_Primitive* which belong to a specific group? Thanks!
  14. Houdini 12 Wishlist

    Hopefully this is priority 1 right now, and it will be in houdini 11.1 OpenCL hooks would be icing on the cake.
  15. Thinking more about it, the path to the cvex shader is probable being expanded before mantra sees it..