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  1. Flip solver divergence

    Ok, so here's final result https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kB15FajJrVg I ran into a problem with unstable surface (it was uneven and constantly flickering). Couldn't make it to stay calm untill I tried this: if (@P.y<ch("height")) i@stopped=1 It's not perfect but passable; I have no idea how to do it better. There has to be a trick to smooth out the surface of flip simulations. Maybe I should have raised particle separation from 0.07 to 0.02 but I doubt it.
  2. Flip solver divergence

    Thank you, Atom! It worked. This way you don't even need divergence field. Such a simple trick
  3. Flip solver divergence

    I'm stuck with a seemingly simple task. I have to quickly fill up rectangular tank with viscous fluid (in 80 frames). Naturally I added divergence field at the bottom of a tank but when it fills up water just keeps moving sideways because of a divergence. That's not ok, I need water surface to stay relatively calm at a certain height. But if I turn divergence off, water level just drops drastically. Is there a way to quickly fill up a tank with water using outside flip source? divergence_fill_test.hipnc
  4. Gasupres doesn't work

    Ok, i think I've figured it out. You have to do it through dopimport node and use the exact same fields for original low res as well as upres.
  5. Gasupres doesn't work

    I simulated smoke at 0.01 and then tried to upres to 0.008 but it doesn't work. Gasupres node just gives me an error "No volume or VDB primitive found in reference geometry". What am i doing wrong? smoke_upres.hipnc
  6. Initial particles orientation

    Thank you, I completely forgot about global seed option in attributerandomize. Such a simple setup but this orient problem have stumped for a full day
  7. Initial particles orientation

    Is there a way to randomly orient particles on each frame? If I put down Attributerandomize node before DOPnet it gives me the same exact orientation every time particles are being emitted. I don't need that, I want completely random orientation for each particle on each frame. For some reason I can randomize color inside DOPnet but not orientation. What am i doing wrong? orient_particles.hipnc
  8. Dop impact data

    I'm trying to recreate Atom's tutorial and has run into unexpected problem - when I transfer color attribute in SOPsolver my constraints are quickly disappearing. I mean all of them, not just the primitives close to impact points. It looks like infection propagation and my box collapses. What could possibly be wrong with my setup? rbd_impacts_01.hip
  9. Redshift fire rendering issue

    Ok, I've just figured it out by myself. In order to get clean PNG you have to turn off Alpha channel in your RSLight Dome.
  10. Hey guys, help me out. I, for the life of me, can't figure out what's wrong with my render options. I set up my fire the way i want it to. Viewport looks nice. Then I try to render it as PNG and get this ugly result. What should I check? My Volume option for lights is on. Global Illumination is Brute Force.