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  1. Exporting attributes to 3DS Max

    Just set groups for different objects.
  2. Yes! Thank you! Cool Idea! +) Well that there is someone who always looks at the problem from another angle!
  3. Yes, but I need to read CHOP channels per-pixel. I need to analyze the image in CHOP and return from CHOP the pixel values.
  4. Hello! How can I use expressions, for example chopi, in inline node in VEX? Thanks!
  5. how to get data from CHOP to VOP?!

    I do it by pixel node and chopi expr
  6. Hello! I want to change image in CHOP. In CHOP i use image node, but how can I get changet data? In SOP its a chop node. I already try "channel copy" in VOP and VOP COP VEX. But have not found a solution. In channel copy I do not find a way to iterate over the pixels, because it did not work variables like IX or X. "pixel" does not help, Houdini freezes ...
  7. SPH or FLIP collision

    About SDF - yes, and I'm trying to find a way to subdue them and on the tube - Its a joke?! I did a field that lead particles into sphere. left them there just to pour. Its my intermediate result. I was forced to cut unnecessary, and this is unacceptable. ani.mov
  8. SPH or FLIP collision

    Thank you! Centroid - a good idea! The only thing I can not do is activate collisions per-particle. How can I do this in DOP? Can I grouping per-particle in DOP? in general, this is probably my main problem, driving SPH per-particle in DOP. For example grouping.
  9. SPH or FLIP collision

    Thanks! Unfortunately I have to completely fill the sphere. Seeking a suitable solution, probably will not be without cheating)
  10. SPH or FLIP collision

    scene is not attached in previous post SPH_penetrate.hipnc
  11. SPH or FLIP collision

    I've tried to make a collision in the POP. But the fluid encounters and falls further. Its my simple scene
  12. SPH or FLIP collision

    Hello! How to make in DOP the particles to penetrate inside the object and remained there. As an image below in POP it easy, just particle groups, but in DOP I don`t known how..
  13. import modules in hython 2.6

    Hi! Do you solve this?!
  14. expression for random + and - ?

  15. Wire constraint question

    Hi all May I set the attribute strength in Wire Spring Constraint node interactively while wire simulate? And How? Example, per-point in point attributes. I could not Thanks!