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  1. If you can offset the particle orbit in positive y and rotate with sin as it falls (plus some noise in y) you get a pretty good fake.
  2. stickman


    This is brilliant, Noob!
  3. wow. Agree.... very nice. Only thing that says 'cg' to me is the lack of any foam on the waves outside the boat sim path. ie. little white caps and so. Yeah, and the missing captain :-P
  4. There are no FBX export for NC - Noncommercial (Apprentice). As the chart you link to says, you can export from indie.
  5. Jeff just held a webinar on collisions, and covered some interesting editor options... like normalizing y-height of the curves etc. But yeah... could use a decent overview.
  6. All of the good modellers, the vfx artists are first and foremost really good observers. I keep realizing how little I know, how much I assume to know... only to recognize I haven't been looking closely enough.
  7. wow. The effects look incredible. The shading throws me off... looks very cgish in parts... specular seems too uniform (mold is like felt, very low spec). Not familiar with Mantra enough to say anything specific. Looking very, vry cool!
  8. wow. This is really good stuff! Thanks for sharing! Love the way you break it down to blocks. The glue is to keep particles from getting caught between blocks? Or to keep the blacks from falling apart upon collision? I assume they're not just made static to make deformable collisions an option, right?
  9. Holy bejeezus! Impressive. Gleaming lots of stuff in there... love how low poly geo is first collided/deformed, then the finer sheets are tearing based on that. Very very impressive.
  10. Just thought I'd drop this as it is very cool, and has a houdini feel to it.
  11. Good reference. I think that must be a very dry room or something. They definitely go faster than that here. It's interesting how slowly the mold begins and where... it only starts after an insect has strolled across and takes some time to get going. Cool stufff... look forward to your next version.
  12. Looking good! The main giveaway for me is the overall 'deflation' at the beginning. If this effect were limited to the bite region and then expand from there, the motion will be really believable. The other giveaway is the day counter ;-) That's one resilient apple! (Or slow mold)
  13. It feels odd having a non-sound video. I would prefer an approach like Matt Estella, personally. I'm sure many like videos, though. Would be useful to have rigging tidbits collected like that.
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