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  1. Hi all!

    I have a Nvidia GTX280 graphic card mounted on a Vista x64 machine. 8 Gb Ram DDR2, Quad 9550, 500 gb hdd free. I have lastest drivers downloaded from web for it but Houdini crashes every 5 or 10 minutes. Especially when I have to change some parameter with mid-click pop-up.

    I have a Macbook Core Duo 1,83 ghz 1 GB Ram too with Leopard and Houdini installed in Ubuntu 8.04. It works fine so I think the problem could come from graphic card.

    Any idea?

    Thanks and sorry for my english :lol:

    I have a 295, which is basically 2x280's and havn't experienced any of these problems, which leads me to believe it may not be the graphics card. Perhaps switch to an earlier driver, and see if that helps. Could also be a vista problem, nothing worked properly for me on vista:p

    Good Luck!

  2. Hi,

    Can you post the hip file so we can take a look? It's almost impossible to know what's going on without knowing your setup.



    Hey Steve!

    I managed a work around, but at somepoint everything still manages to break. So, heres the file! Some geo is baked and missing, but that shouldnt be too much of a problem?footSplash.hip

    Thanks in advance!


  3. Hi!

    I have been dop importing a fluid into sops, and end up with bad point information. Some of the particles have "nan" in their translate fields (as well as most fields, but they dont concern me). The drawback being the particle fluid sop crashes Houdini immediately. Any thoughts on how to solve this. I cant seem to delete the points.

    Also, if there's anything to do in dop level to avoid this, please let me know!


    Ahmad Ghourab

  4. i am trying to make stream of particle to move along on path. i had tried

    here with attract particle on curve but couldn't get the right control .

    here are the following control i am looking for:

    1. right now particles are tumbling a lot and revolving, i should be able to minimize that.

    2. particle inter-collision (so they shouldn't intersect).

    3. ability to control the randomness of rotation.

    4. ability to control the thickness of particle stream.

    basically the idea is to move particle blocks on path with simple randomness in rotation and scale.

    any sought of help will be helpful, Thanks

    Junaid :)


    David Gary (cmiVFX) made a tutorial on controlling particles moving along an l-system, its similar to what your looking for!

    Hope that helps!

  5. Hi,

    Is there some rule on how to choose substeps when using a rbd solver and a particle fluid solver ?

    I did a test with a particle fluid colliding with a wall made of thin boxes, and I had to raise min and max to 10 in the rbd solver if I wanted the fluid not to explode.

    I would have thought 1/ only the particle solver substeps would matter and 2/ why do I need to raise min substeps in the rbd solver and not only max substeps ? Isn't it supposed to increase substepping automatically when needed ?

    Also how does the time step on the dop network relates to the solvers substeps settings ?

    Last question, how can I improve the speed of a particle fluids simulation?

    I did a quick comparison with realflow, and for a sphere of particle fluids colliding with a plane with roughly the same number of particles in both apps (about 33000), it took 4-5 times longer in houdini ( with a quadcore q6600, for 50 frames, about 5 minutes in realflow, and 20 minutes in houdini).

    Thanks a lot for any suggestion

    No rules, I increase mine enough for the particles to not explode, with my current simulation i had to turn it up to a rificulous 40min, 50 max.

    Generally, the substeps are individually controlled by each solver, fluid solver substeps for fluid calculations, rbd substeps for rbd calculations.

    I heard particles were not multithreaded, or particle fluids, correct me if im wrong, but arnt level-set fluids multithreaded? (Im on 8 xeon cores, and its hella slow on my end)

  6. Hi All!

    I have this simple system and try to blend path animation with RBD for the box but still have wrong behaviour.

    Can you help me please?

    Thank you!

    Hey Zanozza

    Im not sure what you want changed. I jumped into your file and deleted the animation on the "Blend Factor" in you "blendfactor_keyframe" node, and that seemed to allow the animation to work correctly!

    Hope this helps!


  7. Hi,

    Ive been working with Dops for a few days, and can't seem to get to grips with accessing object information in dops.

    My problem is that I have a fluid emitter with the lifespan option, I want to give each particle a unique ID, and $ID dosn't work.

    How do I access each individual points ID? And then, how to view them in a spreadsheet like in pops?

    Also, another wierd problem, why does having collisions with a ground plane work fine, however once i use a staticRBD (animated character) collision points fly off into space?



  8. Hmm, its wierd as they just dont seem to want to access the data from the Joints (ignoring the nulls/joints for the moment) whatsoever, although biovision data works nicely!

    Will check out sidefx forums, cheers:)


    Problem solved, it came down to two things for future reference:-

    A)FBX - The FBX mocap worked with houdini 9.1.144, while in 9.1.124 you cant actually reference (to the best of my knowledge) chanel data for animations.

    B)Joint transformation data, from the mocap center I worked with, gave all joints a transformation. If you move that transformation data to your own rig its will go all over the place.

    Solution is to have two chops:-

    *One that sends over all the rotation data

    *Another one that specifically sends over the root (in my case hips) transformation data