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  1. RBD Material Fracture Constraints Setup

    Thank you for the reply and information, I had success using the second suggestion (utilizing the unpack after the assemble). Can you explain to me why simply placing the unpack and transferring name fixed this. Is it simply a matter of needing to make sure that attribute gets passed down the line?
  2. RBD Material Fracture Constraints Setup

    Hi everyone, sadly I have been trying to figure this out for a few days now and can't for the life of me figure out how these constraints should be setup with the RBD Material Fracture node. If someone could take a look I would be very grateful. Thank you. Fracture2.zip
  3. Hi everyone first post here just started getting into Houdini. My question is about rbd and if it's possible to retain a smooth mesh on a fractured object. I've read that the attribute transfer node can transfer normals from the original unfractured mesh to the fractured one however I couldn't seem to get that to work. I did get decent results using a subd node prior to the fracture but that just doesn't seem like the best option nor most efficient. Attached video for visuals. WineDrop2.mp4