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  1. Hair simulation grass helicopter landing

    I mean that would be much appriciated since I am on a learning curve looking a experienced people files would definitely help
  2. Delta relative to tangent space

    Yep this is exactly what I might need...I will try thanks. I am trying anyway to recreate the concept of tangent space blendshape like in Maya so I needed the correct way of calculating the delta between two meshes so I can then use this to update the point position of my source
  3. Delta relative to tangent space

    Hello guys, still me trying to understand how Houdini works I basically would like to calculate the delta between the points of a target geometry and a reference same topological mesh in the tangent space of this reference geometry. I quite tho do not find a mathematical way to calculate it using vex. Any idea? Thanks
  4. Tangent space blendshape

    Hello guys, I am trying to recreate a tangent space blend shape in Houdini. Coming from Maya, I used a lot of tangent space blend shape to correct bad poses, and if fairly simple using the shape editor in newer Maya version. Now the question is, how can I create a similar custom blend shape in Houdini? Thanks for your help Gianluca