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  1. Thanks dleonhardt, I will try to close the open geometry
  2. Good afternoon, I am following the tutorial of Steven Knipping, Rigids III (H18,5), which I managed to finished so then I downloaded a car from the internet and I set it up in Maya (names, groups, etc), as well as the model of Steven. Once finished I exported the alembic to Houdini and I started again the same tutorial but with the car. The thing is that once I started to use the Voronoifracture node the model just broke up. I'm aware that maybe it should be because the geometry is not cleant enough and it needs to be closed, but I don't want to start working on it if I'm not sure what is the mistake and how I can solve it. I'm going to leave some pics here so you can know what I did and what is the mistake. Do I need to extrude all the geometry that is not closed? Could it be something else? Some parts of the car like the doors and the interior are going to be hard to close because of the way they are modeled (maybe they are well modeled and I'm not experienced enough to realize it). I really expent a lot of time organizing and renaming all the objects, which I didn't mind to do because the final result and the process is worth it but I don't want to start fixing something that maybe is not needed to be fixed. I'm a bit lost in this step :S
  3. Some Advices?

    Thanks for your reply Kiryha! I need to update my LinkedIn profile so I think it will help me to meet someone who works in this places :). Btw I took a look at your Github post, I need to improve my skills in Houdini and Im sure that your VEX guides will help me a lot! Thanks for all. Rober.
  4. Some Advices?

    Hi to everyone. My name is Robert and I just moved to London a week ago. I recently published a post in which I expose my experience as a 3D artist (mid 3ds max and vray/ junior houdini and maya), but in this post I would like to ask you for tips to find work in this city, if someone could help me to get it. I am still in quarantine because I came from Spain, but next Monday I will try to go to all the studies in person despite the lockdown to find a job. If someone could give me some hint or advice on how to act when you travel to a foreign country with not much experience in the area of VFX I would be eternally grateful. My intention is to stay here and start a new life dedicated to FX, whatever the difficulty. Thanks for reading up to this point. Best regards, Rober.
  5. 3D Generalist

    Hello, my name is Robert and I am a 3D generalist artist based in London. I have strong knowledge in 3Ds Max and V-Ray. I also have solid experience in 3D Maya, Arnold and Photoshop. For the past two years I have been working mainly in Modeling/Lightning for local TV productions. But I moved abroad and I am trying to move into more challenging VFX tasks. I like to constantly challenge myself into learning how things work. Here is my reel, I hope you like it. 3Ds Max: Houdini: For more info please send me a PM at roberolmos3d@gmail.com
  6. Volume source doesn't work

    Ye, it works!! Thank you very much for the tips typicalmars, i appreciate it
  7. Volume source doesn't work

    Hey, my name is Rober and I'm beginner at HoudiniFx, nice to meet you all I was trying to do a smoke-test from particles using volumesource and pyrosolver. Everything went well, but when i created the dopnetwork and started the simulation nothing appears. Test_smoke.hip