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  1. Some Advices?

    Thanks for your reply Kiryha! I need to update my LinkedIn profile so I think it will help me to meet someone who works in this places :). Btw I took a look at your Github post, I need to improve my skills in Houdini and Im sure that your VEX guides will help me a lot! Thanks for all. Rober.
  2. Some Advices?

    Hi to everyone. My name is Robert and I just moved to London a week ago. I recently published a post in which I expose my experience as a 3D artist (mid 3ds max and vray/ junior houdini and maya), but in this post I would like to ask you for tips to find work in this city, if someone could help me to get it. I am still in quarantine because I came from Spain, but next Monday I will try to go to all the studies in person despite the lockdown to find a job. If someone could give me some hint or advice on how to act when you travel to a foreign country with not much experience in the area of VFX I would be eternally grateful. My intention is to stay here and start a new life dedicated to FX, whatever the difficulty. Thanks for reading up to this point. Best regards, Rober.
  3. 3D Generalist

    Hello, my name is Robert and I am a 3D generalist artist based in London. I have strong knowledge in 3Ds Max and V-Ray. I also have solid experience in 3D Maya, Arnold and Photoshop. For the past two years I have been working mainly in Modeling/Lightning for local TV productions. But I moved abroad and I am trying to move into more challenging VFX tasks. I like to constantly challenge myself into learning how things work. Here is my reel, I hope you like it. 3Ds Max: Houdini: For more info please send me a PM at roberolmos3d@gmail.com
  4. Volume source doesn't work

    Ye, it works!! Thank you very much for the tips typicalmars, i appreciate it
  5. Volume source doesn't work

    Hey, my name is Rober and I'm beginner at HoudiniFx, nice to meet you all I was trying to do a smoke-test from particles using volumesource and pyrosolver. Everything went well, but when i created the dopnetwork and started the simulation nothing appears. Test_smoke.hip