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  1. Dear colleagues, Houdini provides developers with an option to open the File-/Node-Dialog (such as hou.ui.selectFile() and hou.ui.selectNode()). However, in case I call it from the external QWidget, in my case it is PySide2. If I close this PySide2's QWindow, obviously, it causes the Houdini crash, because hou.ui.selectFile() should return a string to the PySide2's QWidget parent. Here is an example: I have a tool on the Shelf, it opens PySide2 QWidget. Imagine there is a button which opens hou.ui.selectFile() or hou.ui.selectNode(). After calling this function, Houdini creates one more subwindow with File-/Node-Dialog respectively. However, if I close QWidget, any of two select functions return a result to non-existed at the moment sub-application. It causes Houdini crash. I am looking for how can I take the reference to this File-/Node Dialog to properly terminate it on closeEvent(self, event), because disabling QWidget's UI, while File-/Node Dialog is open, doesn't seem to be the best solution. One of the possible answers might be: use PySide2's File Dialogs. What seems to be ok for the File-/Path-Dialog, but it might take time to produce custom hou.ui.selectNode(). Thank you in advance!