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  1. BIOS BUG #0[49435000] found

    Okay thanks wolf for your reply, i solved it tho.. as i thought, the problem causer was, that AHCI was turned on in bios. ty!
  2. hey fellows, maybe one of you can solve or help me with this particular problem regarding installing linux i have a P4 QuadCore Q9550, Asus P4Q Pro Mainboard and a nVidia GF GTX 280. i downloaded ubuntu linux 8.04 and burned it as a image on cd. installation worked just fine for me. After installing while booting into linux, linux fails to load the interface. im getting a BIOS BUG #0[49435000]. i guess its because my kernel is being not configured to load the necassary module to boot from a non - AHCI SATA conncection. But im not sure. I tried adding all_generic_ide noapic and acpi=off in the kernel command line but nothing helped so far. the booting stopps at [59.306204] /build/buildd/linux-2.6.24/drivers/hid/usbhid/hid-core.c: v2.6: USB HID core driver maybe you guys discovered similar problems and could help me here. thanks a lot for your time! -Jens
  3. Evil Sphere

    your r&d looks good so far. logical explaination tho. im looking forward to see more.
  4. Autodesk Buys Softimage XSI

    Autodesk - 3 | Others - 0 | Please insert more coins to play again! I really dont like the way it goes. Sure Autodesk isnt bad at all, I guess they have way bigger interests in CG than Avid does but anyways, people at SI put their heart, soul and of course really really hard work into XSI and tried to stand out as a small company with their always innovative tools (crosswalk,e.g.) against big Autodesk. & now... this is all over, who knows what the future will bring us but i really like SI|XSI and hope they dont put maya-xsi together in the far future. lets hope the best. Cheers a sad Jenz!
  5. dop_Impacts?

    also keep in mind that the data you are looking for (e.g. numhits,etc) is only visible at the frame, the object is impacting, but i have to say i also struggle a little bit with your question. maybe you can clearify your question a bit. i think anakin78z gave you a good idea for what you might need to look for.
  6. New Digital-tutors DVD -Intro to Mantra!!!!

    i might gonna give it a shot, it doesn.t hurt anyways thanks DT
  7. water dress stuff

    interesting thread, thanks for all the informations. & fantastic job -cheers
  8. Houdini bootcamp

    they are offering a lot of courses once in a while in their santa monica office. check it out on the sesi page, maybe you find something of your interest.
  9. Siggraph08

    where are all of you guys i met with georg and ronen, i actually with ronen all the time but yea.. we should meet, for how long are u guys gonna be in L.A.? Kris, what u need concerning rigging? Are u speak german. Maybe we can meet on thursday or friday we are taking a half day off thursday, we are at siggraph in the morning and then heading out for sightseen,. maybe we run into each other tho.. let me know. cheers -J
  10. The SSS Diaries

    you said you have the UVs, could you bake the AO on your map and overlay it on your shader. i guess this will improve it alot. also paint a subdermal and epidermal map and apply it.

    ok here are the promised mirrors, i had to split them unfortunately: cheers -J
  12. CHOPs/Music book is out!

    purchased, i'll get my head into it on my flight to LA next month. I'm pretty excited but right now i don't have time I am exactly in deadline hell now. hehe... good for you that you have a few weeks off tho Cheers -Jens

    cool thank you mark. i could make a rapidshare link to lower your traffic a little bit. just let me know
  14. First touch

    what you do, you could group those pieces out with a group sop and then delete it with the delete sop.
  15. Referencing animation into DOPS

    hey scp, in your motion DOP channel ref the posx, y and z and whatever you need else e.g. the pivot and set it to 'set always'. the motion DOP should be applied after your rbdobject. your geometry to collide with needs a activevalue.. set its activation to 0 and 'set always' have you ever tried this out? let me know if there are any problems. i can make you a little example if you still have problems then. cheers -Jens