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  1. FLIP SIM- Collision and Sticking Problem

    hi! how much did u increase voxel bounding box? and its in collision source sop node or vdb from polygons right? i increased from 8 to 50 (just to see if i have any difference ) on both and two times i have the same stickness like on original Drughi post gif with rubber toy i think im wrong and changed wrong exterior band voxel? thanks in advance
  2. hi i am very new to houdini. currently studying rbd. trying to replicate this effect https://vimeo.com/124015187 I trying to replicate effect of destructing road by a curve, but i dont know how to add randomness to it. i want to apply more up forces so the pieces at first jumps up and then starting fly down by gravity. I have done just the activation of destruction of road by a curve and added a weird jumping but not in a proper way, dont know how to do it like in example. Hope it make sense. Thanks in advance! rbd_add_up_force.hipnc