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  1. junior reel advice

    thanks a lot!
  2. junior reel advice

    Hi guys! I started learning houdini in late 2019. And made my first reel of personal works, i want some critique. Can you give some advices what to remove or add to it. Im kinda think Im good at basic technical skills and problem solving, but lacking creative skills and ideas for personal work and cant show what im good in. Maybe you can give some ideas for personal work to add to reel. Thanks. Sorry for my English reel -
  3. FLIP SIM- Collision and Sticking Problem

    hi! how much did u increase voxel bounding box? and its in collision source sop node or vdb from polygons right? i increased from 8 to 50 (just to see if i have any difference ) on both and two times i have the same stickness like on original Drughi post gif with rubber toy i think im wrong and changed wrong exterior band voxel? thanks in advance
  4. hi i am very new to houdini. currently studying rbd. trying to replicate this effect https://vimeo.com/124015187 I trying to replicate effect of destructing road by a curve, but i dont know how to add randomness to it. i want to apply more up forces so the pieces at first jumps up and then starting fly down by gravity. I have done just the activation of destruction of road by a curve and added a weird jumping but not in a proper way, dont know how to do it like in example. Hope it make sense. Thanks in advance! rbd_add_up_force.hipnc