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  1. Hello Houdini magicians As this video 11:08 show, how to create a node that allows me to replace mesh inside Unreal? Thank you in advance. https://vimeo.com/210679269
  2. That exactly what I need. Thanks Jesper!
  3. Hey guys I would like to ask how to know how many primitives in one node? I mean automatically, because I don't want to count them one by one. For example, I have this node which contains 8 primitives, How to get the 8 out of it, since it shows that the max prim num is 7. I want to use prim num “8” as a variable in Wrangle. Thank you very much.
  4. Houdini question: How to change the size of an obj mesh in order to match a specific size. Hi guys, I have a question about how to change the size of a mech. Picture 1 Picture 2 As you can see, In Picture 1, I have a grid, and an obj mesh is imported from Maya. I want the obj mesh to match the size of the grid; in other words, I want the mesh’s X-axis as long as the grid’s X-axis. Same as Y, I don't care about the Z-axis for right now. Can you give me some advice about how I can do that? The purpose is that I want to develop a tool which could help Level designer or Artist to build a Sci-fi wall efficiently. Thank you very much!