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  1. Vellum hair thickness problem

    Hey, i figured the file was so simple it was not really necessary to post... Thanks for the response, i realize now that i have too many points in the line for the thickness. I'll have to resample the line with less points so they don't collide.
  2. Vellum hair thickness problem

    Hi, I'm trying to make some thick tubes with vellum hair. Later with redshift i'll render the splines as tubes. So far everything works, but when i specify the thickness of the hair, i realize that the actual collisions are not as thick as i want. If i activate the visualization, they look as they should in the first frame, but as soon i start the simualtion the thickness collision shrinks down, so when i render the splines with my desired thickness, there are intersections. Can you help me with this one? Thanks! They look properly in the first frame They look like this after simulation has started
  3. Advecting curves help

    Thanks! Yes i have actually seen the post and the entagma tutorial, but i thought it was not exactly the same... Probably i have to mess a lot more with the noise. Thanks a lot!
  4. Advecting curves help

    So adding a mountain node and subdividing it got me a similar enough shape. What i'm struggling now is with the collision. How do you think it's the best way to go about it? I tried using a multisolver with a RBD/vellum solver to no avail...
  5. Delete volume attribute

    Thanks for the clarification, i knew i had already read it in the cgwiki and it should have been obvious since the AttributeDelete didn't work.
  6. Advecting curves help

    Hi, So i'm trying to reproduce this effect, just for fun: So he says in the comments it's a bunch of curves resampled every frame. I can do that and it works fine. But i'm lost on two things: the actual shape of the curves (how to make them more bubbly), and it looks like they have some kind of collisions, since they do not intersect much and mines do it a lot (he also says, there's no vellum). For the shape i've tried using the "curveu" attribute to give it the bubbly shape, but it's not quite the same. This is as far as i got, wich is a cool result but not exactly what i'm aiming for. Obviously there's room to play with the pyro sim so the lines get advected in different ways, but there's something else that i'm missing, so any pointers are greatly appreciated. advectedcurve_test.hipnc
  7. Delete volume attribute

    Thanks, i'm still pretty new to vex and didn't think about the volume wrangle!
  8. Delete volume attribute

    I finally could get it done, in the delete node, in the group name i wrote "@name=vel.y" and it ended up doing what ia wanted :-)
  9. Hi, I'm trying to advect and resample some lines with a pyro smoke. I import my pyro field with density and velocity(x,y,z) attributes, wich is what i want, and everything works fine, but now i'd like to delete one of the velocity attributes (let's say vel.z), so the lines only get advectec in two axis instead of the three. I've tried the attributedelete node but there's no option for volumes attributes, i also tried to promote the vel.z attribute to some other type so i can delete it, but there's also no option. Maybe i have to bind import it into a VOP and delete it there? I'm in a bit at a loss... Sorry if the question is too dumb, but i couldn't find anything over internet. Thanks!