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  1. When I realized that it was possible to switch to a stuffed ragdoll under some state, I wondered if the opposite was possible. But when I did it like the setting, it doesn't gave a good result.
  2. I'm wondering why this custom velocity is not work? I have tried various methods, but I'm not sure how....
  3. How can I apply a property to transform a node? Alternatives that can be separated into groups were possibled, but I want more simple solution... I had applied the attribute to the transform and the value does not change from 0. circle.hipnc
  4. water fill

    i want fill the water in bottle. But this flip source does not fill up. I don't know why can't it be filled. BOTTLE.hipnc
  5. I tried to fix it by creating a constraint property but this collapses so easily. I kept looking for a way to neatly create constraint attributes and I thought it was the way to do this but I was very dissappointed because I couldn't do it... Please tell me why this simulation collapses even though I added it. I would be very happy if you let me know it. houdini_wood.hipnc
  6. I want know how to control the constraint primitive node. I want make the collapse the house but this house easily breaks like a cookie even though adjust the constraint primitive. I have been tried a lot before, but haven't found a way. I would be very happy if you helped me.... house.hipnc RuralStall.obj