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  1. No printf() Output from VEX SOP

    I'm running Apprentice 9.1.124 under Windows XP and am unable to get console output from embedded printf() statements in a VEX SOP. I've searched through the vcc command line options to no avail. The console is able to receive commands, for example -E causes a code dump. I haven't been able to find a solution in the Help file or forum archives. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Bend Tool Using Lattice

    Thanks for the reply, I wouldn't have thought of vops as I've never used them . Time to explore new territory...
  3. Bend Tool Using Lattice

    Hello odforce. I've enjoyed browsing the forum over recent weeks and the time has come to speak! I'm working a bend tool which behaves differently to the Twist SOP. This tool uses a Lattice SOP to e.g. bend a tube into a torus. (I'm new to Houdini, so perhaps a similar tool already exists.) The attached version uses a Point SOP to deform the control geometry. I'm also fine-tuning a version using 30 Transform SOPs to achieve the same effect. This works smoothly whereas the Point SOP version is relatively slow, with stepped pausing as it cooks. I prefer the Point SOP version as it's a more elegant approach. Is there any way to increase its speed? Anyway, I'll post the Transform SOP version when it's ready. Bend_w_lattice__Point_SOP_.zip