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  1. Installing Qlib Package method

    Hm, interesting. Hda’s/otls are already there, you don't have to "open", pushing TAB you should see qLib. Which version of houdini are you running? Are you downloading the newest qLib codes from https://github.com/qLab/qLib? Can you show a screenshot of your qLib folder and qLib_package_linux.json file which you put in packages folder? The menu error you posted earlier is a bug only existes in macOS, I'm filing a pull request to fix it, you can find it here https://github.com/qLab/qLib/pull/965. Btw, I have no idea what the this packager app do, maybe it's the reason, you may undo whatever you did before and follow my 3 steps instructions.
  2. Installing Qlib Package method

    I think you have already installed qLib successfully, try to read the qLib documentations if you hit any errors. Try `TAB` then type `qL`, see if you can find any nodes assets.
  3. Installing Qlib Package method

    Where did you put `qLib_package_linux.json` and the `qlib` folder? On OSX, 1. download the qlib compressed file, decompress to the path whatever you like, e.g. "~/houdini/", and rename the qlib folder to "qLib", now the qLib code is in "~/houdini/qLib" 2. copy the `qLib_package_linux.json` file to one of the houdini packages folder, for OSX, you can put it in "~/Library/Preferences/houdini/xx.xx/packages", if "packages" folder is not found in "~/Library/Preferences/houdini/xx.xx", just create one 3. edit the `qLib_package_linux.json` file, replace "QLIB": "$HIH/qLib-dev" to "QLIB": "~/houdini/qLib" "~/houdini/qLib" is the path where qLib codes live in Step 1. 4. done