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  1. Live applications aside... keynote hands down is the best for media rich slides.
  2. RDB Data baked to Points

    Awesome! Figured it would be simple. Thanks for the quick reply!
  3. RDB Data baked to Points

    Hey guys, So lots of info about using points to setup a RBD sim - but im looking at going the other way. I wish to take an RBD sim and collapse it to points. The point would probably need to store at least Position, Scale, Velocity and Rotation. I have done a packed RBD sim and using the packpoints SOP I get my centriod points out with P - but would love a bit of guidance in getting the other data in there... or if I am going down the wrong path completely. The objective is to take an abc out of houdini without geo - only point attributes to use in another package. I found this... http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_7ecf408b0101pnyq.html He's doing exactly what I need, but can't work out how it's being done. Any help appreciated. Cheers, Ollie
  4. Hi Guys, I am looking at centralizing some of the configuration/prefs of Houdini to a server, in particular houdini.env I am happy for artists to have there own local prefs but certain aspects of the environment they launch into I wish to control. I noticed HOME basically moves the prefs, and I can't quite get my head around HSITE. Can someone give me some guidance. Primarily I'm coming from a Maya module mapped env configuration. A usage example of HSITE would be great. Thanks, Ollie
  5. OBJ POP vs Part POP confusion

    Never mind - I realised Houdini has a "Particle View" viewport!
  6. mmm just reading this issue and it seems there is a reluctance on layered shading because it breaks physically accuracy. While the addition of realism certainly is a very very welcome addition on making it easier to achieve higher quality work, layered shaders have the same goal for a 3d artist. I have yet to learn Houdini shading workflows (Houdini noob here) but http://www.orbolt.com/asset/_danylyon::PBR_layered_material is exactly something that Houdini should have already provided artists. It looks great! Anyway i does sound like we can build layering easily enough in vops
  7. Particle Force Question

    mmm ok I stripped everything off and removed the time offset on emitters and cranked drag up so only my force driving my particles. A noise force indeed does act on the particles in world space, but my vopsop (which I am trying 3d noise on) causes the repeating behavior from each emission. In the vopsop I have tried a few different types of noise and all have the same repeating behavior. btw I had no luck with aanoise at all. Unfortunately my particles do NOT render for me. New scene everything works. It's bugging out because I can't even render the copied emitters. It's just rerendering my first ever render of this scene (the original emitter) from different camera options no matter what I change. looks like a rebuild of the scene is needed to fix that.
  8. Just playing around to try and learn more with particles. Im stuck with one bit however. I am generating various emitters over time and feeding that to my POPNet. HOwever any noise be it force, Curl, or even a VOP SOP all repliciate the look of the particle effect from different emitters. I really though the particle noise forces would act in world space how dont appear to. File Attached... pointNormalPOPEffect_v001.hip Look forward to knowing where im going wrong! Oh and how do I get my particles to render. It's not working :/
  9. OBJ POP vs Part POP confusion

    Cool thanks so much! Legacy tools are always tricky to deal with when learning. I'm still confused though why in POP, if i drop a pop network and within I create a location - I don't get any result. In DOP it works fine...
  10. Quick Noob question. I have just followed a 12.1 tutorial that uses a very simple particle emission - and then emits particles from that. The thing is he created a POP network at in "obj". Which is fine and worked for me too (although things are a bit confusing between 12.1 and 13!). Now when I thought I'd do my particles in "Part" instead of "obj". Nothing works. The nodes look totally different while they still have the same name. Dropping even a location node I would get no results. Now im pretty sure I've watched other tuts do things there - but right now the logic escapes me as what I am meant to do in "part" and create a result. I figure its not part of the "scene" hence why I dont see anything but really what is the idea here? Is this because of the updates to Houdini 13 particles that im being confused?
  11. ocean FX foam issue

    Just noticed on the upload I have a hipnc file and recall reading in the forum that disp has to the written to a .picnc file. Funnily enough I got displacement working fine prior but how I did that was by modifying the ocean_render node - thus its not using the displacement map at all i presume and still getting a result. trying the same with foam didnt work - so I guess I have to ensure to only use the written texture. Seems to all be OK now
  12. ocean FX foam issue

    Hey guys, I just watched the Houdini Off the Shelf Ocean FX video and I just cant get any proper foam result. Everything seems to work - except rendering of the foam. I can get a nice water render out but the foam from the ocean evaluate node generates does not seem to drive into the oceanshader result in anyway. Having any streak or whitecap option set to a value other than 0 and it just goes ugly (solid additive effect). I have checked to see that Houdini is writing out the foammask and it is - but appears to be ignoring it even though I see it being pulled into the shader. Im not experienced enough to go in and fix the problem if it's in the shader itself. The foam pattern does show up in the volume however Ive attached my working file. Help please. oceanFX_v002.hipnc
  13. Basic Padding not working for me

    Middleclick reveals what I would expect - and it does work when i create an simple example in a new scene to test - however on several instances it was breaking my geometry writing out wedges and also in other parts of the tutorial. Because of it i just stuck with $F and it would work again, and am unsure in what particular circumstances it was falling me. I'll be sure as soon as I break it again to save the file and post it back here. Good to know about the highlighting
  14. I'm Using Houdini 13. $F works, $F3 breaks. As soon as I add a number after the $F it breaks. I am watching tutorials where they all do this without a problem. Any tips on why this is working differently for me? Thanks
  15. Heya, We have a few shots in our short film that i'm looking to get some input on. There are 2 shots - A spaceship crashing into the moon surface, and another of it sliding and coming to a rest. Im am mainly a Maya guy but am slowing get the hang of Houdini. Having a play around in both Maya and Houdini the are a few options to deal with this - and Im looking for thoughts on how to create a dynamic moon surface can provide an impact effect like this: So far I've dabbled with rigid cloth tests for ground deformation on a slide and flip fluids for the impact (but the retention of shape has got me a bit baffled).. Any body have experience with such an effect shot and able to provide some guidance - that would be awesome. Ollie