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  1. Hello there, I did some investigations ! I found out that if I use the shelf tool to create a cloud and I want to render with Redshift I have to change some parameter. The light linking in the sop cloud_light to point to a rslight (sunlight maybe anyone). And in the light I need to add more Contribution scale ... yes ! it works !!! Thank you for your scene Librarian Tesan Srdjan ! Always appreciate your follow up. My understanding is very rudimentary. But I love to learn all those stuff. Searching and finding answers. I am getting more and more curious. It doesn't work until it works ! That's like making some magic. I think If I can get to understand better the basic, the simple stuff I have lots of fun sometime soon hopefully.
  2. I will look at your file and check everything. Thank you. I'll give you some news later.
  3. Yes, thank you. I am currently looking into google links... there are many. I seem to do exactly the right thing... but it does not render. I thought that maybe there was a special set up. I just saw bubble pin video and she refers to contribution scale for the light. Even with that it is not rendering in Redshift. Still working on it. Thank you for your feedback.
  4. I just find out that the Cloud material is a mantra material. When I work with mantra it works. But I have still to figure it out with Redshift. WIP.
  5. Hello, just starting to try to understand something about clouds... and rendering with Redshift. The cloud stays black I don't know why. I have boost the light to 20 then 100, change the color... nothing affects the cloud. Maybe someone knows how to. Thank you in advance. It is a very simple test using the shelf tool with cloud rig. I thought it would work easily, but no. Test_Cloud_RenderingBlack.hipnc
  6. This is very kind of you. I will try your file with mantra. I am working my way with Houdini, always many challenge. I'll show my work when I will be done. Thank you for your support and knowledge.
  7. Here's my SceneSetUp_firstTry.hipnc
  8. now, i did make cloud, but it doesn't show in the IPR and no render view also ?
  9. Hello, I am trying to create words that would transform into cloud... it does not show up. Oh I just found it. I have to separate each letters... I cannot work with words, but seperated letters. I post it so maybe someone is looking for this answer sometimes.
  10. There something I still don't understand. There is the line (the Trails section of my hip file) and there is the Particules (from the lines). There is a Add node, yes but if I enable delete or not geo in this part I have the particles. It is in the Trails part that I still want to have the line visually to render too ... Sorry for my poor english and my not undertanding of your kind support on this matter.
  11. When I look at my sceneview I see the line and the particles. But in the render only the points/particles. I know its about the render stuff but I am not figuring it out yet. What is your suggestions ?
  12. Thank you. I really have trouble sometimes, repeating stuff and not seen the right thing. Some Fresh scene view and render view is sometime the trick. That's great. Thanks.
  13. Hello Rohan and ODForce community, I did purchase you series and learning slowly for it. As you said this is not for absolute begginners. I'm new but know how to work around a little bit. So here is my file that I am working on. It uses audio for the particles. I have a problem with the rendering of particles in Mantra. In the viewport everything looks great, but when I render, only a thin line of particles appears. I don't know for now what is the problem. Maybe you can help or someone else. Thank you in advance. ModeBaroque_FlipBook_Plan03_a_000.mov MB_Trails_05_minusStart.hipnc
  14. This is what I was able to accomplish with the help of an assistant in my course and the support of this blog. Thank you. Here my file if it can help someone else to figure out that kind of stuff. NAND427_A20_Parent_Marie-Josee_TP1_RBD.mov NAND427_A20_Parent_Marie-Josee_TP1_RBD_MJ.mov0001-0360.mkv NAND427_A20_Parent_Marie-Josee_TP1_RBD.hipnc
  15. Here's my file if this can help someone figure things out. NAND427_A20_Parent_Marie-Josee_TP1_RBD.hipnc
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