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  1. Particle in Houdini - new training series

    There something I still don't understand. There is the line (the Trails section of my hip file) and there is the Particules (from the lines). There is a Add node, yes but if I enable delete or not geo in this part I have the particles. It is in the Trails part that I still want to have the line visually to render too ... Sorry for my poor english and my not undertanding of your kind support on this matter.
  2. Particle in Houdini - new training series

    When I look at my sceneview I see the line and the particles. But in the render only the points/particles. I know its about the render stuff but I am not figuring it out yet. What is your suggestions ?
  3. Particle in Houdini - new training series

    Thank you. I really have trouble sometimes, repeating stuff and not seen the right thing. Some Fresh scene view and render view is sometime the trick. That's great. Thanks.
  4. Particle in Houdini - new training series

    Hello Rohan and ODForce community, I did purchase you series and learning slowly for it. As you said this is not for absolute begginners. I'm new but know how to work around a little bit. So here is my file that I am working on. It uses audio for the particles. I have a problem with the rendering of particles in Mantra. In the viewport everything looks great, but when I render, only a thin line of particles appears. I don't know for now what is the problem. Maybe you can help or someone else. Thank you in advance. ModeBaroque_FlipBook_Plan03_a_000.mov MB_Trails_05_minusStart.hipnc
  5. Invisible RBD collider

    This is what I was able to accomplish with the help of an assistant in my course and the support of this blog. Thank you. Here my file if it can help someone else to figure out that kind of stuff. NAND427_A20_Parent_Marie-Josee_TP1_RBD.mov NAND427_A20_Parent_Marie-Josee_TP1_RBD_MJ.mov0001-0360.mkv NAND427_A20_Parent_Marie-Josee_TP1_RBD.hipnc
  6. Material Fracture Bullet Glass

    Here's my file if this can help someone figure things out. NAND427_A20_Parent_Marie-Josee_TP1_RBD.hipnc
  7. Material Fracture Bullet Glass

  8. Material Fracture Bullet Glass

  9. Material Fracture Bullet Glass

    I used the switch after all. But when I understand better Houdini and have more control on forces, I'll try these nodes for sure. I love to work with transparency when there is fracture this seems to be the right way to do. Thank you. Here is my work, only flipbook for now. But it gives an idea. Everything is going too fast, but the object inside is colliding and fracturing the shell with its forces. That was the plan. It really needs lots of tweaking to have it more smooth. I wanted the fractures to happen before the egg goes down by gravity and only a specific places at the top. An after thought is that if I modify a little bit the base to have a slightly flat base, it will take longer to fall by the wind & other forces. Thank you for this blog because I have found a lot of inspiration and solutions. NAND427_A20_Parent_Marie-Josee_TP1_RBD_MJ.mov0001-0360.mkv
  10. Material Fracture Bullet Glass

    Cool Thanks ! This solve my problem very easily with the switch ! Yeah. I love to work with transparency, but there is some trouble along the way.
  11. Invisible RBD collider

    I'm very happy to have found some explanation about inside collider. Here what I want to achieve is a kind of hatching of an egg with letters that will pop out of the shell. In the process of learning the rdb and the constraints I did this scene. The shell does separate in 2 big pieces, that's one part that I want but I also want the top part to have few pieces separating. The fracture is done, but I must not quite understand how to connect everything together. And I have in the viewer two eggs and there should be one... Would anybody have some tips to where to look for my mistakes ? I attach the file if ever someone has time and some problem solving imagination that I cannot have I the moment. Thank you in advance. MJ_abc_04_withDopnet.hipnc
  12. Audio driven animation - Fourier Transform

    Yes I know, but the situation now is that everything is done at home, we didn't add no assistant yet, but I ask this week and there will be someone to help. Thank you very much for this support. I'll look at those links and I will share my work if it is possible.
  13. Audio driven animation - Fourier Transform

    If someone finds it fun to look at and help me solve my problems that would be great. I'll share the two files that I set up. One is with the lines oscillating and the other is more the points that are moving in Y. But what I want to accomplish is that I could get the point/particle be pulsing out on the oscillating lines. I am very new to Houdini. So there is no vex. I'm just at the beginning. Just using the CHOPs network is a great deal of challenge, but I guess I was compelled. I'd love to know more and do more audio driven animation, I see so many beautiful realisations. MB_Trails_01.hipnc MB_Trails_withExport.hipnc
  14. Audio driven animation - Fourier Transform

    Well you had that gramophone at hand ! yes with following the music... omg this is so complicated. but just trying to express my problem, gives me some clarity. ModeBaroque_FlipBook_Short_000.mov At least there is a conversation about it, and it is fascinating.
  15. Audio driven animation - Fourier Transform

    I want to reproduce in a small version the oscillation as in oscillate. I am stock. I've look at different tutorials, and read these post but my comprehension has hit a temporary limit. So I would like to make just a wave getting out of a turntable needle as in the picture included. I also wanted the particles to express the pulsation... too many things and I lost the understanding of all of it. Would there be someone to give me some support on this please ? this is for a project at school, my last year and the level is going too fast for me, so I am learning to learn and asking is one of the thing I am learning. Thank you in advance. Hope I can find some help. ModeBaroque_30s.mp3 ModeBaroque_Trails_AudioDriven_MJ_09b.hipnc